If I buy a refurbished Mac, will I be able to get Apple Care?

Refurbished products are the order of the day. And Apple is getting down to business when it comes to boosting these products, repairing them and selling them at more affordable prices, even though they are fully functional. But if we buy a refurbished Mac, will we be able to get Apple Care+ insurance? in this post we answer the question.

Apple Care on a refurbished Mac

Apple Care+ insurance plans give us the possibility of extending the guarantee to our computers, and Alvar can carry out repairs at a much lower cost than we would have to pay, in case we do not have it contracted. But Apple Care insurance has the characteristic that it must be contracted in a limited period of time, after the purchase of the product. But on the official Apple website. we are told that we only have up to 60 after the purchase of the product. And the list that appears to us (of Macs compatible with Apple Care), we see that there are no older models, but for logical reasons they are no longer sold.

A 2012, 2018 or 2019 Mac can be perfectly refurbished. And it may be the case that we want to buy a Mac, albeit “old”, reconditioned, and we wonder if we can take out Apple Care + insurance. And yes, to find out the answer we have called Apple technical service, and we have spoken with the Apple Care department. What we have been told is that a refurbished Mac computer can purchase Apple Care if the following conditions are met:

  • the mac It must be refurbished by Apple itself.
  • It does not matter if it is sold in El Corte Inglés, Backmarket, etc. If the computer has been officially refurbished by Apple, we can hire Apple Care.

How to tell if a Mac has been refurbished by Apple

There are two ways to tell if your Mac has been refurbished by Apple. The first, you can know before we buy the computer. And it may seem obvious, but all refurbished Mac computers sold in the Apple Store have been refurbished by the company itself. And these can contract Apple Care.

But if we want to buy the refurbished computer at a third-party store, you can do two things. You can go (if they have) to the section of products refurbished by Apple, or you can ask about the Mac in question, if it has been (or not) refurbished by Apple. In any case, there is one thing you can do to check if your Mac has been refurbished by Apple and therefore you can buy Apple Care +.

expired coverage mac

To check this, we will have to go to Settings of the System > General > Information. Here we will see the most important data of our computer. But there is also an item called Coverage. In this case, if the coverage indicates that it has expired, it is not possible to hire Apple Care+, since it will be a Mac that has not been officially refurbished by Apple. If in this Coverage section, we see an established deadline, then we can contract Apple Care +. Of course, remember that, once you have received your Mac, you have a maximum period of 60 days to contract Apple Care +.