If I buy an iPhone for business or as a freelancer, how much guarantee will I have?

Buying an iPhone at Apple, if not as an individual, entails certain advantages. But the fine print is there. And if we want to buy an iPhone as a company or as a freelancer, in order to obtain discounts, there are Important aspects about the guarantee that you should know. So in this post we are going to tell you the details and why a different situation occurs.

The guarantee is not the same

All the Apple products we buy As individuals they have a three-year guarantee. The first of all, Apple’s limited warranty, is borne by the manufacturer, directly. The following two years are paid by the establishment where we bought it. And in the event that we buy it from Apple, the manufacturer and the seller are the same, so the three years will be Apple’s responsibility. This is so due to the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.

But this law, however, is intended for private users. This means that purchases of products intended for business use, or that have been purchased through a self-employed or company invoice, do not subscribe to this law. In the event that we buy an iPhone and make a company or self-employed invoice, the phone You will only have a one year warranty. This year is Apple’s limited warranty, which is the direct responsibility of the manufacturer.

Applies to other products besides the iPhone

If we want to buy an iPhone as a freelancer or as a company, we will only have a one-year warranty. But the truth is that it is not “an exception” because it is a specific product. Rather, it is a situation that occurs as a rule, when products intended for business use are purchased. The computers Mac, Apple Watch or iPad are also subject to these conditions. If as individuals we have three years, as a freelancer or company we will have one. However, this situation is not only limited to new products. But it also affects reconditioned products.

On the official Apple website we can find the Refurbished and certified section. Here we will see a selection of products that have been tuned, repaired and verified by Apple itself. Although it is a very good way to buy products with an interesting discount, we can also buy them as a company or as a freelancer.

refurbished iphone

The limitation of this section is that we are not going to always have all the configurations that we want (as if we were buying a new product). But we are going to have pre-selected configurations in terms of size, color and memory. And the available stock will vary depending on the products that arrive.

Even so, it is important to emphasize that, in this category, we can find products from other years and models that, officially, are not sold directly in the Apple Store. Although they are not “latest model” equipment, we will have the same warranty coverage as new products. Since the difference is in the law that covers these transactions.