If I had to choose a smartphone that was the iPhone, it would be this one

Choosing a smartphone has become an important decision in the lives of many people. As an Apple fan and enthusiast, I am not currently considering migrating to any other ecosystem. However, if I had to choose another smartphone, it would be the one I am going to show you below.

The option I am considering is the Nothing smartphone, a groundbreaking and attractive proposal from the first moment. I'll explain why.

Nothing and the smartphones of the future

Before we get into the details about the Nothing, it's important to understand how smartphone technology has evolved over the years. Since the first iPhone launched in 2007, mobile devices have advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of design, performance, and features or functionality.

One of the most striking features of the Nothing Phone is its minimalist design. This device has gotten rid of all unnecessary distractions such as physical buttons and thick bezels to offer a sleek and modern look. The Nothing is primarily made up of a transparent OLED display that extends to the edges of the device and a transparent back that pays homage to its name.

The essence of this device is based on the origin story of Nothing, which is designed for people looking to reduce distractions and use their device in a more intentional and focused way.

It offers a reasonable price and a well-thought-out design and although it may not offer a revolutionary experience, from the start it offers a different and ground-breaking style. The only reason I could change my iPhone would be this. Even so, I have to admit that I am not considering leaving the Apple ecosystem for now.

Although it sounds very superficial, the Nothing Phone 2 has interesting design details that catch my attention the most, such as the light strips and an always-on display that can be customized with useful information, iPhone style with widgets.

A reduced ecosystem

Without a doubt, Nothing's ecosystem is much smaller than Apple's. However, one of the most attractive features of the Nothing brand is its integration with Nothing Ear. Just as Apple has achieved a perfect combo between the iPhone and AirPods, Nothing seeks to offer a similar experience with its Nothing Ear headphones and the Nothing Phone 1 and 2. The combination between the Nothing smartphone and the Ear creates a small technological ecosystem in where devices communicate seamlessly, allowing users to enjoy an immersive audio experience and seamless connectivity.

nothing ear

This is something that also catches my attention. Furthermore, Nothing, far from wanting to imitate Apple as other smartphone brands blatantly do, tries to innovate and stand out by differentiating itself from the competition with its “naked” designs. The inclusion of a second device in the ecosystem like the Nothing Ear seems very successful to me and highlights Nothing's vision of simplifying people's digital lives and the importance of the ecosystem.