If I see this on the AirPods Max, I’ll buy two without thinking

The AirPods Max need a renewal, for several reasons. The product that was proposed as Apple’s premium and studio range of headphones has really fallen short in aspects that, for me, are fundamental. Beyond its benefits and everything it incorporates, I take this post as an open letter of wishes, of what I would like to see in the AirPods Max.

If you still don’t know me, you should know that I am a fan of quality audio and good music. In my daily life I listen to many hours of music. It is a habit. But in addition to quantity, I prioritize the quality of what I listen to.

In fact, anecdotally, I will tell you that when Apple Music incorporated ALAC lossless audio resolutions, I listened to all my favorite songs again. And boy did I notice the difference. More depth in the sound, an enveloping atmosphere, minor tones and details that give more meaning to the melody, and so on, a whole host of things that I was grateful to have on hand.

However, I would have really liked the AirPods Max to have been able to exploit the quality of Apple Music as much, because it is honestly one of the best I have heard, taking into account that we are talking about streaming platforms.

Made by Apple, but not for Apple

When we talk about the ecosystem of Apple products, we understand a set of devices that interact with each other to achieve maximum mutual performance. The AirPods Max, although they are part of the ecosystem, do not get the maximum performance.

What is the first thing I ask of these headphones? That I be given the freedom to choose the cable I am going to use. If we get more technical for a moment, the quality of the sound is also linked to the type of signal that is transmitted. And this signal will be much better (without losses or interference) if the cable we use is up to par.

So, why not some studio headphones, that allow me a connection that is truly studio-grade? Either through mini Jack, balanced output, or even through USB type C, if I’m in a hurry.

But the Lightning connector, in addition to what it means for signal transfer, only leaves us with one option when it comes to using the AirPods Max with a cable, and yes or yes it is the Apple cable. I don’t go there, honestly.

I also want to see all this

Why have features come to the AirPods Pro, which we have not seen in the AirPods Max? What’s more, why don’t they take competitive elements as a reference? Here I want to propose a series of ideas, that other manufacturers already implement, and that do not mean having exorbitantly priced headphones:

  • A DAC systemwhich is capable of amplifying and rescuing sound, if necessary.
  • An update to the built-in sound processor.
  • More battery? Of course!
  • Possibility of connection with balanced audio output.
  • USB type C connector. I do not support discussions here. I’m sorry.

AirPods Max

I sincerely believe that the AirPods Pro are a wasted gem. A rough diamond that they have not known how to polish in a way that captivates buyers, beyond the fact that they are a very beautiful design (for tastes, colors).

But as I said, I prioritize sound quality, as well as giving my headphones many more uses. They are something standard. It is not a product that can only be used with another in a very specific way. And I think that things have been left in the pipeline that, if I incorporate them, I will buy two if necessary.