If I use a 3 meter cable, do I lose charging speed?

However, is it good? There are many rumors that say that a long cable loses a lot of power, and that it can also affect the useful life of the battery, degrading it sooner than with a shorter one, but is it true?

Is it bad to use a long cable?

Well, although there are many rumors, as we said, on this topic, the answer is no, It does not affect the time it will take for your device to charge.Although yes, it is true that energy is lost the longer the cable is, however, we are talking about something so ridiculous that we could not appreciate it.

The distance for us to notice this variation and it could affect our devices and batteries in some way could be once we exceeded about 5-10 meters, where the loss could be greater. However, a 3 meter cable, used mainly to be able to use the mobile phone lying in bed, as most of us do, is totally safe and it will not take longer to recharge its batteries.

However, everything also depends on its quality. A 90-cent AliExpress charger will not be the same in speed or security as an official one from a brand and at a higher price. That's where many of the rumors come from, since when we go to purchase one of these cables, we go to websites of this style, because many manufacturers do not sell it officially.

When purchasing it we see that it runs much slower and even after a while it does not even make good contact, which can give us voltage differences and cause battery problems, overheating, etc.

This is due to its quality, which, obviously, being longer we notice even more. That is why the recommendation we give you is that you spend a little more on a quality accessory. In the end, if you are changing the cable every 6 months, you will end up paying more than if you buy a good one first.

In summary, a long cable does not affect the speed or battery lifehowever, the quality and the place where we acquire it does.

As far as you know, you can continue using that charger with complete comfort, and even do a load test, you will see how it loses practically nothing if it is good, and it takes the same time to charge. Of course, if you have one of dubious quality, throw it away and go buy a better one right now, especially if you have a high-priced mobile phone, you surely don't want to ruin it to save a few euros.

And you, are you one of those who uses a super long cable, or do you still use the one meter cable that came with your cell phone and that practically doesn't let you do anything?