If iTunes with Windows does not recognize your device you should do this

To sync an iPhone with a Windows computer you need to use iTunes. However, sometimes the connection between the two devices can be interrupted or work only for some specific aspects, but without having access to many specific features. So if your iTunes with Windows does not recognize your device, you will have to do some things like the ones we are going to show you.

Pair your iPhone with Windows correctly

To pair your iPhone with a computer, be it Mac or Windows, for security reasons, we are asked to perform two verification steps on the iPhone, before both devices recognize each other. The first step is to have the iPhone unlocked and enter our code of security. When we have done so, a dialog box will pop up asking whether or not we want to trust the computer to which we have connected the iPhone. We will have to press the “Trust” button so that both devices can be synchronized.

Now, if we have the latest version of iTunes, Windows and iOS, sometimes we may not have the latest versions of the controllers or drivers installed. In Windows it is more common to have to install drivers so that the operating system recognizes the different devices that we connect. And in the case of the iPhone on Windows, there is the “Apple Software Update”. This software is used to update the different drives that Windows needs to be able to connect to the iPhone and synchronize it through iTunes.

This “program” is installed together with iTunes, but the updates of these drives are not on par with those of Windows or iOS, but appear periodically and it is the computer itself that indicates that there are updates available. Therefore, it is always necessary to update, if we want the synchronization to work. Because, sometimes it can happen that the computer recognizes the device, but does not allow it to be backed up or synchronized, because these drivers are not up to date.

Keep using iTunes despite everything

iTunes is not perfect software. And although it has marked a before and after, Apple is going to discontinue it this year, also on Windows, launching three separate applications: Music, TV and Apple Devices. In the case of the latter, it is the app that will be in charge of synchronizing and backing up the iPhone or iPad and the PC. However, for now, continue to use iTunes.

apple music windows 2023

The first reason is because these applications are still are in testing phase. And if we have a PC with Windows as the main equipment and an iPhone that we synchronize on a regular basis, Apple warns that there may be errors in the operation and in some functionalities. It is, therefore, a “preview”, as Apple calls it, so, as it is our data, it is better to bet on the safe side and avoid losing certain information.

The second reason is that if you download any of the three applications, and use them while you have iTunes installed, iTunes is going to be disabled and it will stop working. Therefore, you will have no choice but, at least until Apple fully launches the three apps, be forced to use an application in beta phase to be able to synchronize your iPhone and your Windows PC. And in this case, the role of controllers and drivers is more up in the air.