If the Apple Watch has this, that would be awesome.

More technology and synchronization on your Watch

The patent shows a camera on the bottom surface of Apple Watch. At first, we may think that it is not the best option to place the camera and especially in the position where it is located, since it can point towards the hand or towards the wrist. The patent, on the other hand, contains a very interesting secret.

This technological innovation would not only be focused on the Watch, but also would include the bracelet, which would be divided into two segments. On the one hand, the strap, and on the other hand, the Watch and the strap. This division of components will allow the unit to be easily placed and removed. In this way, it allows the watch to act as a camera, since it will be very easy to remove it from the wrist, take a photo and put it back on it.


Have this technology in hand, it makes it much easier to take a photo with our loved ones or friends and above all, generate a new way of interacting with the Apple Watch. Finally, No It is the first time that Apple registers a patent of a new Apple Watch with the built-in camera, since in 2022 it also registered a new integration of it, in the crown of the watch. We don’t have a scheduled date either. for the launch of the product, although it seems clear that the new generation of Apple Watch will not be included, since the rumor mill does not indicate anything about it.

For which device will this version be available?

Add a camera to an Apple Watch It’s not easy at all especially when it comes to such a compact device. For this reason, the incorporation of this technology will be carried out in a descending and progressive manner, that is, the first device will be the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple’s most advanced Watch, in second place, the standard Series versions, specifically, series 8 onwards, the great current alternative to the Ultra series.


Where is it possible that noeither integrates is in the Apple Watch SE, since it is a device with the previous design and with reduced features, so it is possible that it will only stay for the most advanced models of the range and continue to maintain its value for money of the cheapest Apple watch.

The future will tell if this new patent ends up being a reality or simply remains another attempt by the innovation department to include something revolutionary. Innovations do not occur overnight, but rather require time and, above all, require many resources in order to carry out the project without unexpected setbacks that could cause the project to fail, preventing resources from being allocated to improve other components. Apple continues to innovate, continues to invest in R&D, although not all research comes to light. This doesn’t just happen at Apple, but it happens to all technology companies.

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