If the iPhone is very resistant, why do we put a case on it?

Every year, Apple emphasizes that its devices are becoming more resistant and have a greater hardness, avoiding breakage in the event of falls, bumps and scratches. To analyze this statement from Apple, I have used my father’s device, an iPhone 12 Pro that he uses it all day without a case and these are the results after two years of use.

Is an iPhone fragile?

The iPhone 12 have the Ceramic Shielda projection that Apple includes from the iPhone 12. This new technology it makes iPhones less damaging, less breakable and less broken in the event of a drop or bump.
This improvement seems evident, since it is common to see users who have an iPhone X or XS with the broken back. It is true that the construction materials are different, but equally, they are a clear example of what Apple has improved in chassis and screen durability over the years. Proof of this is that it is not common to see devices above 12 with a broken back and screen.

Bad points

Having an iPhone without a case has consequences for your device, since we always use it on a day-to-day basis. The first section that we notice when this happens is that on iPhone it generates as a kind of fat layer on the sides of the chassis as a result of use. However, when you wipe the device, that layer is not completely removed, so really, it’s a wear that occurs as a result of its use.

The buttons volume up and down, unlock buttons or activate vibration, generate completely normal wear as a result of the passage of time and use. Of course, a normal use, an average use of any user.

Lightning connector and speakers

He lightning connector, It is true that it has suffered more damage than the sections mentioned above, since much more dirt and dust has entered it, so we have even had to clean its connector a bit so that it can reload easily.

We have the same situation with the music and call output speakers, where you will have to perform an annual or semi-annual cleaning to prevent the audio and the call from being heard with a lot of noise.

Screen and back

Using the iPhone without a case makes the back and the screen feel much more exposed. This is a fact, but it is not a reason for the screen or the chassis to break. The screen, after having been dropped more than once, it does not show any visible breaks, but it does show scratches, scratches that the cover cannot protect either.

iphone 12 pro max

The scratches they are visible up close, but they do not affect the user experience and, when you are far away, they are not visible. Obviously, we are talking about a device that is two years old, if this happened on the iPhone 14, it would be a completely different situation.


In conclusion, the iPhone is very resistant and we can use it without a case or screen protector. Now, it depends to a large extent on the use that you are going to give the iPhone and how careful you are with it. The analyzed case is a normal user, a generic user who pays attention to him, but not excessively.


Nor can we forget the luck factor, since the device has been dropped many times and has not broken, so it does not mean that the same thing will happen to you. It is possible that after this post, taking a walk, and fall, hit the notch and be completely damaged.

And you, are you able to carry the iPhone without a case?