If the MacBook Air is at this price, I’ll buy it and keep it as a royal gift

We are still not aware of how life has changed for the MacBook Air since the arrival of the Apple almost three years ago, going from being a device for an entry-level user to becoming a device that can be used by a wide range of users. , from generic profiles and even some professional video editors if they configure it with better features than what it offers initially because the hardware of this equipment offers power for everything. Today, at La Manzana Mordida, we highlight an offer for the MacBook Air, a device that we are in love with and when you see this offer, you will too.

A huge discount

The MacBook Air is a device that starts at 1,200 euros, therefore, we can consider from the first moment that it is an expensive device, very expensive and that unless you are a staunch fan of the MacBook Air, we are looking at a device that You have to think more than twice before purchasing it and although there are different financing plans, the price may be the same or more depending on the interests.

Now, if you have been an Apple user for years, you surely know that buying a Mac is purchasing life insurance, due to the fact that you end up amortizing your purchase due to its benefits, features, update policy and everything that macOS and the ecosystem in which it is located provides. Yes, it is an expensive piece of equipment, but they offer you 6-7 years minimum of updates and two years of security support.

To all this, we have to add that Apple, on its official website, does not make price changes to its price throughout the calendar year of the product, since it considers that the added value of Apple products is maintained over time and, therefore, its price must also be maintained. Although, not everything is gray and it seems that Apple with the MacBook Air has carried out a certain price reduction, but indirectly. Specifically, as you already know, the Californian company has maintained the price of its devices, which always benefits users because they have a better product at a lower price, but also Apple itself, because by developing this technology all the margin of benefit is net for her. Let’s analyze the prices below:

The strengths of the MacBook Air

Once you know this offer and its discount of more than 20%, let’s get to know the main advantages of this 13-inch MacBook Air so that you can convince yourself that its price is expensive, but its performance is spectacular.

Macbook air_M2

Without a doubt, one of its advantages is the design, a design that everyone falls in love with from the first moment. The MacBook Air M1 maintains the design of its younger brothers, so we have a minimalist, ergonomic design, but with a large screen, following the same design lines of Apple, the 14 and 16 inch models, with a size and much smaller volume than the Pro series, since they are purely professional equipment.

Along with this we have to highlight its battery, a battery that has incredible performance, which will allow you to leave the charger at home and not pick it up until night, because it has autonomy from dawn to dusk. Think that the battery of the 13-inch MacBook Air is a scandal, well imagine this being a larger device.

macbook air m2 white star

Perhaps the only drawback is that it only has two connection ports and that Apple could add one more port or the option of having an SD card reader. But hey, for a Mac in the Air segment it is very, very well equipped and you can always buy a hub at a very competitive price. So, don’t think twice and buy this MacBook Air at a crazy price.