If this is true, Apple will say goodbye to one of its most iconic iPads

This 2024 is marked on the agenda as a year in which we will see a total renewal of the iPad. Or this is what the rumors of recent months have been indicating. The entire current line of iPads would be refreshed. However, if we look a little further ahead, in 2026, there is a model that could disappear. Do you want to know all the details about it? In this article we are going to give them to you!

Over the years, we've seen iPad models born, die, and resurrected. The standard range of iPads, iPad Air or iPad Pro are product families that have not always been present at the same time in the timeline. Regarding the smallest of all, in terms of size, the iPad mini displayed all its power when it was presented in 2012. However, if the rumors are true, this same model could disappear in two years. The why? We'll tell you then.

Bye little one?

It has been the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider who has echoed the information that has been published from the The Elec portal. The year 2026 is a date marked on the calendar, according to what they explain, for Apple to launch the first portable device. This would be an iPad, as detailed. «Apple is said to be working with suppliers and They consider 2026 as a date to launch the foldable iPad«, they explain.

And what does this launch have to do with the disappearance of the iPad mini? «The Elec says that The foldable iPad would have a seven or eight inch screen. The current iPad mini has an 8.3-inch screen, and the publication says that this is the device that Apple is going to replace with the foldable iPad,” they report from Appleinsider.

In this way, if the existence of a foldable iPad were to come true, whose screen size would be practically the same as the current iPad mini, we would be facing “cannibalization.” Two products with very similar characteristics, that compete in the same range, and which Apple would provide with the same approach.

At the moment, these are Apple's plans

As to what it would mean to enter a scenario in which we would say goodbye to the iPad mini, Appleinsider also explains the current context of the Californians' plans. «It is known that Apple is working on an OLED flat panel for the iPad mini. The publication concludes with that This means that Apple has still decided when to launch its foldable device.«, they mention.

samsung logo display

In the current scenario, the company's plans involve improving the technology of the iPad mini screens, following the same line of style and format in terms of design conception. But, at the same time, it is also known that Samsung Display and LG are already working on the development of flexible panels to supply Apple in the future. Therefore, we are currently in a paradigm in which we still do not know where they are going to end up going.