If you are going to buy an iPad, be careful with this

If you are considering buying an iPad, the choice of storage is very important, since once you choose that specification, you cannot change it. In this post we are going to see how choose the right amount of storage for your iPad and not pay more for it.

When storage is necessary on your iPad?

Apple offers a wide range of storage in its current products, even going as high as two TB. However, the starting point of storage is 64GB, a possibly fair storage for many users that can cause storage problems in the near future, when you start having apps and files on your iPad.

What use do you give to your iPad?

Depending on the workflow you give your iPad, it is possible that with 64 GB internal storage is enough. If you are a user who uses multimedia, social networks and some graphic design application or to play games, the basic versions are more than enough. Also, if the iPad, is the perfect complement to your Mac, You don’t need more storage because it’s the Mac that will carry the weight of applications and jobs.

iPad working

The problem starts when the iPad is the main team. In this situation, the input storage memory may not be enough for many users, having to choose a higher configuration, namely 256 or 512 GB. However, there are solutions in case you have storage problemssuch as deleting the cache and app or uploading files to the iCloud cloud to gain a little extra space, but as the months go by, you will have storage problems again.xfmodel

The ideal storage, 256 or 512 of ideal storage?

For most Apple users, 256 GB of internal storage It is more than enough, because it is the memory capacity that Apple offers on its Macs and you can install very complex programs such as DaVinci Resolve, Affinity Photo or the entire Photoshop suite that the iPad will have free storage capacity to be able to have many saved files.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

the option of 256 GB is the most interesting option because it is available on all models of iPad, basic iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. Having a model with more storage offers the peace of mind of being able to have more applications installed, and it has a higher disk speed as it has a lot of more work space. You will also be able to enjoy the seamless iPadOS updates because you will have storage space.

Lastly, the option 512 GB of internal storage could be an extra cost for many users, since it is a storage that is intended for a certain audience that needs complete projects on their iPad and cannot carry external storage disks. Therefore, the most universal option is to buy the iPad with 256 GB of storage, because the 64 option may fall short over time and the 512 option, you may not take advantage of all the storage. In short, the user is the one who has to ask himself what is the daily use of his iPad, to see which is the most correct storage.

iPad as a computer

Remember that when we buy an iPad, we are not buying a device for a year, but we are looking for a device for many years, so we have to think about the use that we will give the device in the present, but also in the future.

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