If you are thinking of purchasing an Apple Watch, this is the best choice in 2024

Today we are going to analyze the Apple Watch and see if it's really worth it in this 2024 Going for a Series 9, which would be their latest model, or, on the contrary, for almost half the price, a Series 7 compensates us more, as well as the differences between them.

Which Apple Watch to buy in 2024?

Well, the first thing we have to look at is the price, at least of the last 3, since going further back would be a bit dangerous, due to future updates and that, obviously, they are going to have many fewer functions and be more obsolete .

In this case, if we take these last three versions, we can check the prices of both on websites like Amazon, which will give us a good reference and shows us these:

  • Apple Watch Series 9 45 mm – 463.99 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 8 45 mm – 332.00 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45 mm – 284.00 euros

At first we can observe a clear price differencewhich can vary quickly depending on their stock and/or color, although they give us a fairly good reference to continue with the comparison.

A Series 9 has a much higher cost than its previous versionsboth the 8 and the 7, however, what extra functions does it have? Is it worth paying that difference to have the latest model?

Well, if we compare it directly with the 7 we can see how the latter has a temperature sensor, better brightness and supposedly a better processor, however, are they such useful functions? In my case, due to my work, I have this Series 9, and I have to tell you that I have never checked my temperature, which, despite being sick on 2 occasions, has never warned me that I may have a fever or anything that is useful.

Apple Watch series 9 pink

Likewise, the brightness or the faster processor, compared to an Apple Watch Series 7, is quite negligible, or at least in my case I have not noticed anything much better. That is, if I had to choose between these two models right now, even for a price difference of 50 euros, I wouldn't pay to have this news. The design, colors or size is the same in both and we can choose between multiple different ones, so, at this point, and seeing the current prices of the 3 models, I think you know which one I am going to recommend, at least for me. part.

Let's hope that 2024 brings us a different Series 10, with a better strength, even if it is the battery itself, which has always lasted “18 hours” and does not make a difference between these last 3 versions. So nothing, for now, while they surprise us with a better one (other than the ultra), take a look at the prices and offers of the moment and if you see a clear difference at this point, you know which one to go for.