If you do this, it will take years for your iPhone 15 battery to degrade

The battery is one of the most important elements of your iPhone, since a bad situation, whether due to degradation or breakage, can make our user experience satisfactory. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see how we can Take care of the battery of your iPhone 15 and previous models so that you can extend the life of your iPhone battery for years.

In what range do I have to charge the iPhone?

After different studies and after different tests on different iPhones, specialized critics indicate that the best way to charge our iPhone is 30% to 80% and they emphasize that it is not advisable to reach 100% and let it discharge to 0%.

Due to this, Apple in its iPhone 15 allows charging the iPhone up to 80% so that when it reaches that percentage, the battery will not store energy and it will take the energy from the power cord.

Also, in models prior to the current generation we have the optimized charging, which is a system that allows us to learn from our habits so that when we go to charge the phone it only charges up to 80% and before we get up it charges up to 100%. I personally never liked this system.

optimized iphone battery charging

Tips for charging the battery

If you want to extend the battery of your device, it is important to use the airplane modewhich allows the device to focus on charging the battery, charging slowly and without heating the lithium ions, which it knows have a terrible effect on the chemical composition of the battery and its useful life.

It is also advisable to activate the low power mode If we are on the street and we have little autonomy and since it is not recommended that it get close to 0%, if we put the low consumption mode we may stay at 15-20% and damage the battery so much.

It is also important Use official Apple chargers and charging cables and do not use some third-party products that can cause the iPhone to store all the heat and end up affecting the battery life.

Calibrate the battery

iPhone 12 battery

Calibrating the battery once a month is the best option to take care of the battery according to the latest studies. I know it can be a very tedious process, but it will help us to ensure that the battery does not fail or suffer a drop in performance at random times. To calibrate the battery, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Charge your new iPhone up to 100% as if it were a normal load. You don’t need to charge it more than necessary, simply reaching 100% of its level will be enough.
  2. Once you reach this percentage, do not disconnect the device from the charger and keep it there for about 2-3 hours. You will be able to use the device normally during that time, but always plugged in without having unplugged it for even a moment.
  3. Once the indicated time has passed, proceed to disconnect it and let the battery drain completely until the device turns off. Obviously, you can use it completely normally and in fact it is even advisable that you carry out actions that help it run out. For example, playing video games like Resident Evil that is available for iPhone.
  4. Once the phone has been turned off due to low battery, keep it in this state for 6 hours approximately. Do not try to turn it on during that time.
  5. When that time has passed, put it to charge via cable. Again, we recommend not interrupting this process by disconnecting it, even for a second. It is important that you leave it charging for 6 hours and, even if it turns on, try not to use it during that time. In fact, it is advisable that you turn it off manually once it has been turned on, since the device will turn on shortly after charging.
  6. After the recommended 6 hours, disconnect it from the power and leave it in that state for about 5-10 minutes and proceed to turn it on again. You will now be able to use the iPhone / iPad normally.