If you do this to your iPhone, it will lose its warranty.

If you have an iPhone, you most likely want it to last as long as possible. However, there are times when, due to fortuitous accidents, because you want to “do more” with your iPhone, this may be exempt from warranty. Even when you are within the legal coverage period. So in this post we tell you how your iPhone can lose its warranty.

What you should not do to your iPhone

The guarantee of any product purchased in Spain, regardless of the brand, is 3 years. This is currently established by law in our territory. But the guarantee, like everything, has a limited effect when it comes to making claims or demanding free repairs. A series of requirements must be met.

To make things easier, we have read Apple’s legal warranty document in its entirety, and we summarize, point by point, what is not covered by Apple’s warranty. So, if you do or something like this happens to your iPhone and you want to repair it, you will have to check out:

  • superficial damage on the screen or any other part of the iPhone, for its own use of the device. (Scratches, blows to the glass, breaks in the ports). In case it is a manufacturing defect, it is included with the guarantee.
  • Damage caused by an accidental fall, liquid damagedamage by fire, earthquake or any other external cause.
  • Damage caused by a repair facility not authorized or verified by Apple, to either hardware or software.
  • Modifications in the iPhone software (the famous Jailbreak, do you remember?), or in the hardware, to expand features (like that user who decided to add a functional 3.5 mm Jack to his iPhone 7).
  • If you have removed or tampered with the serial number on the device, it will also not be covered by the warranty.
  • iPhone that they take to be repaired, that are blocked by iCloud and you cannot prove that it is not stolen, since they cross information with their servers to verify serial numbers and also “if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the product has been stolen according to the information provided by the public order forces”.
  • Yeah you can’t prove that you are the legal owner of the iPhone (in any form) and you want to take it to be repaired, you will not be covered by the guarantee either.

Apple iPhone Police

In addition to all this, the company indicates that “to the extent permitted by local law, Apple may provide hardware identification information of the Apple Product to law enforcement in order to maintain security and prevent fraud. So now you know: Apple can cross certain data with the police and other forces, to check if the iPhone you take to the store is stolen. Please note that Apple periodically launches replacement programs to replace and repair defective components in certain iPhone models. These, if the optimal conditions are met, fall under these programs and Apple will repair them free of charge.