If you don’t pay for Apple Music, this is what you can do with the app

Many of us cannot conceive of the Music app without being subscribed to the Apple Music service. And although Apple’s service offers many advantages, if we do not want to be subscribed, also we can benefit from some of the functions of the application. In this post we tell you what you can access.

You can access these Music features

The first feature of Apple Music that you can access without subscribing to the service is the ability to listen to apple radio stations. Apple currently has three radio stations broadcasting live: Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country. Apple Music 1 (formerly known as Beats 1 Radio) is the station that we can listen to unlimited live, without having to subscribe to Apple Music. However, there is the limitation that we will not be able to listen to programs on a delayed basis or add the songs that are playing at that moment. As for Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country, although we can listen to them live “for a limited time”, according to the company itself.

Listen to our synchronized songs

If we have a virtual music library on our computer, or on an external storage memory, we can sync these songs to the iPhone or iPad connected to the computer. It is the most traditional method to add and remove songs on our iPhone, and its operation is the same as when iTunes existed.

sync itunes music

Although we will be able to synchronize songs, you have to know that these will not be available in streaming. They can only be in the local memory of our device, and if we want to add new music we can only do it through the computer, selecting those songs that we want to add to our iPhone or iPad. Take into account the memory limitation of your device. In the same way that, although Apple Music offers music without loss and in high resolution, you must make sure that the format is compatible (MP3 and AAC) and the quality of your songs is the one you want to get the most out of the music application.

Buy music from the iTunes Store

iTunes is a classic at Apple. And if we don’t want to subscribe to Apple Music, you can buy your songs from the iTunes Store. This music, although it will be protected with Apple’s DRM, to prevent it from being pirated, is added to the Music application so that we can listen to it once purchased and downloaded. When we buy songs with iTunes, you should know that these They are linked to our Apple ID. Therefore, if you want to listen to your iTunes songs on another device that does not have Apple Music, you must link the same Apple ID with which we have purchased the songs. Although these are synced directly to the Music app, license permission is granted through Apple ID validation.

The iPhone Music app offers all of these options beyond Apple Music. However, you should know that the Android Apple Music app is not the same as the iPhone Music app. On the iPhone it is an app that brings together two functions: on the one hand, the streaming service, and on the other, the iPhone music player. The same is not the case on Android.: The Apple Music app is only for playing the catalog and stations of the service.