If you have a company, Apple offers you these advantages

Did you know that Apple offers a package of solutions for companies, if you use its ecosystem? This program is called Apple at Work. and it has very interesting functions, for the use of operating systems, in its different products, but focused on the business environment. So in this post we will review the functions they offer and what it all consists of.

What Apple at Work offers

If you work in a company, or have or run a company with an IT department, the Apple computers that are used can be prepared for the operating systems work in a professional environment. The use given to a Mac at home, or in a company, can be completely different. And a different use requires a different configuration, to adapt it to the ecosystem.

If the Apple equipment to be used will be shared, it will require a standardized configuration (and we don’t want to configure each device individually), it requires installing applications on a very large volume of computers, access to VPN connections, shared databases, etc. all this is possible thanks to Apple at Work.

The first key element is Apple Business Manager. This is a virtual suite on the web that allows you to manage, in a unified way, all Apple devices that are under the umbrella of the company. Apple explains the three main functions that are carried out from this suite:

  • Register devices so that they are configured automatically, with all the company data.
  • Buy apps and content for all the teams that fall under the company umbrella.
  • Create, change, and delete assigned Apple IDs for each person who uses the devices.
  • Connection to Wi-Fi and VPN networks in a unified way.
  • Configuration of business email accounts.
  • Connection with cloud service providers or remote storage.
  • Secure logins to corporate intranet web pages.
  • Secure logins to business applications.

Each device has its needs

On the one hand, Apple at Work offers centralized services. On the other hand, each device can work with parameters adapted to the person who uses it, or to the department where it is located. At all times, always protecting personal informationand being able to have control over strictly business information.

apple company equipment

On the one hand, it may happen that we have an iPhone and use it to work in a company. Our device can be enrolled within Apple at Work in that organization. But our company You won’t be able to do any of this:

  • Access our personal information
  • See our installed applications
  • Delete our data
  • Collect logs (usage time, apps, etc.)
  • Monitor our personal applications
  • Request complex access codes (set password to our team)
  • Erase our device
  • See the location of our device

In the same way, the company itself can provide us with a device, which is supervised and configured by the company. However, our personal data will be safe. Of course, everything that is business information can be controlled. These devices, however, do not need to be used individually. They can also be shared. As is the case with iPads that have support for multiple user accounts, each of them with secure access data so that personal information is not compromised.