If you have a dog your Mac might perform worse, did you know why?

Of course, although it can cause your equipment to have serious problems, it also has a very simple solution, although you will have to work harder than another person who does not own animals. Of course, I wouldn't change them for anything, not even for a hundred MacBooks.

Could my pet ruin my Mac?

Well yes, and despite it being bullshit, it is totally true, and I will explain the reason, although many may have already figured it out. It is nothing more and nothing less than their hair. And, although at first glance we may think that our dog or cat does not shed that much hair, it does, and all those remains go to the fan of our Mac.

There are thousands of videos where we can see how when we open a computer located in a room where there are animals we find a amount of dirt inside it which is not normal, and that, unlike a Mac that we can clean every year, in one with pets nearby, in one month it may be the same or worse than any other.

And if you have one nearby, it's easy to check. Open your Mac, it won't take you more than a few minutes, and check inside, I assure you that 90% of the dirt you will see in it is animal hair, which, little by little, enter your fan, potentially causing it to work worse and, above all, overheating. Something that a person without pets will not notice, since there will be much less hair, and the percentage will be higher of dust, which is much easier to eliminate, and less harmful, although it is also that.

All of this will lead to the useful life of your Mac being significantly reduced, as well as its operation and performance. Dirt is one of the worst allies of a computer or any piece of equipment, and always having it in optimal condition is key. And, unfortunately, if you have a pet in your home, you will have to do it more often.

Mac Powder

This applies to all equipment, although, obviously, an iPhone or a device that does not have ventilation slots, or if not, are smaller, will be exposed to less risk. However, a Mac or even an iMac or larger computer will run into problems more quickly.

And you, did you know this problem? Do you have a pet at home that sheds a lot of hair? No matter how much hair there is around your home, every Mac will have some of it, and if not, check it out and leave us a comment again. Surely If you clean it you will notice the difference, gaining performance, battery, and above all years of life for your PC, since doing it when it is too late could damage some component of it, and the thing could cost us more for waiting.