If you have a Mac mini, this accessory is essential

Mac mini.. do you have all the connections?

Although the Mac mini is a computer that has many input ports, many users sometimes need to use external adapters to be able to connect certain accessories that do not come standard with the Mac mini. It does not matter, if you have a version with an intel chip or a new version with an Apple Silicon chip, the ports included are the same, so the gaps are the same.

For this reason, from the editorial team of La Apple bitten, today we publish an accessory that can come in handy to have the Mac mini always in its natural position and get new accessories such as the SD card, micro SD or an SSD hard drive if you have purchased the device with the input SSD memory and you need an external memory. Specifically, the accessory we are referring to is satechi and what we are going to analyze next.

Satechi Bracket and Type-C Hub with SSD Enclosure

Satechi is a support for access ports to your Mac with a design very much in keeping with the new silver-colored Mac mini M1 and allows front access to the peripherals you use the most. Regarding its design, it has a design very consistent with the device, due to its silver color and aluminum finish.

Among its main innovations, first of all, is that it includes an SSD enclosure integrated to increase equipment storage and not have to add more accessories to your workspace. Since the access is inside the case, it includes a screw and screwdriver to install the SSD without the need for additional tools. Second, is the presence of a SD and micro SD card reader, essential for photographers and designers. Both of these items aren’t available as standard on the Mac mini M1, so it’s a great addition. With respect to ports of entryfeatures a USB-C Expansion Hub, three USB-A data ports plus a 3.5 headphone port for convenient access to all your essential peripherals without having to move your PC.

Mac mini M1

SSD Memory Compatibility and Features

There are several aspects that must be taken into account when purchasing this product in order to have a satisfactory user experience. First is the compatibility, since it is compatible with the Mac mini M1 2020. It is not compatible with previous models, an aspect that must be taken into account when purchasing the device. Second, the inner casing for SSD is only suitable for M.2 SATA SSDs that are not included in the product, and it does not work with NVME SSDs. Lastly, the USB-A ports don’t support CD drives, including Apple SuperDrive, or the charging of iPads.

Mac mini 2020 M1 Apple

Despite these small peculiarities, the support gives a great added value to your Mac mini, since the number of ports, the card reader and the SSD allows you to turn your computer into a device with connectivity for everything.