If you have an iPhone 14, when do you have to change it?

The iPhone 14 are devices that will have support for at least five years, so if you have this unit you will have a phone with the latest iOS news until 2028. That is why many users wonder when is the right time to renew the device and in this publication, we are going to see when the opportune moment would be.

The longevity (or not) of the iPhone

All users who have had an Apple device know that they are equipment that recovers every penny of the investment made, due to its quality, user experience and how it improves your way of working and enjoying its Cupertino ecosystem. However, the updates and improvements they are constant in all generations, but do not imply considerable evolutionary leaps between them. Therefore, When is the best time to change iPhone?

When is the time to change iPhone?

From the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we have made a small categorization of four levels, depending on the type of user you are and the characteristics of the equipment.

  • Renew iPhone every year: the generation gap between the devices is very small between the iPhone 13 and the most current iPhone, so unless you have sold it second-hand or want to treat yourself, it is not recommended at all because their differences are not enough for him to jump.

  • Every 2 years: Apple typically makes small design changes every two generations. In addition, after this time, it is possible that the battery of the device is partially or completely deteriorated or has the odd scratch. In addition, a two-year-old device is at the key moment to sell it at a good price on trading platforms. Of course, depending on the type of user you are, the difference between your device and the current generation will be very large, continuous or non-existent.

  • Every 3 or 4 years: the iPhone will begin to enter the end of its useful life and surely, the unit will not incorporate all the new features despite updating to the latest version of iOS. At this time, it is the best to change your iPhone to a more current generation where the performance jump will be evident. In addition, the battery will surely be quite degraded and the chassis will have more than one blow given as a result of time.

iPhone 11 blue

  • Five years or more: surely the device will have stopped receiving updates and despite the fact that its operation is fully operational, perhaps it will have some other failure when running games or taking advantage of the entire device. Regarding your user experience, it is possible that it sometimes works “in fits and starts” and will not have the fluidity that it did years ago. However, the phone will continue to receive support from applications or security, but in a short time, the device may not work even for basic use.

iPhone XS

Have the iPhone always protected, with a case, tempered glass, without raising the battery temperature and carrying out correct charges, updated to the latest version of the operating system and perform a system restore once a year, you have a device, it is fully functional for a minimal average user three years and two years for those users who like to extract the full potential of the unit.

And you, when do you change your device?