If you have an iPhone and a Mac, you need this accessory

One of the strengths that Apple has with its entire ecosystem are the numerous functions that are born from the synergies between them. Well, in this post we just want to talk to you about one of the novelties that macOS Ventura and iOS 16 bring together, which added to an accessory delights all users who use it.

Apple, through updates, adds functions that continue to increase the value of having an ecosystem made up of the company’s products. The latest to join this list is the possibility of use iPhone as a camera on your computer. With this, users who are very used to making video calls will be able to enjoy the image quality offered by the iPhone through its lenses so that all the members of the video call can see you in the best possible way.

The process that users have to follow to be able to enjoy this function is very simple, since it is only necessary that both computers are updated to iOS 16 and macOS Ventura respectively, and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once these two requirements have been fulfilled, you will be able to use the iPhone as a webcam for your Mac. In fact, you will only have to open a video call application and in its configuration, if you meet the requirements that we have mentioned before , the iPhone should appear as one of the camera possibilities.

Belkin MagSafe Support for iPhone

Now, in order to get the most out of it and use it perfectly, Belkin has come up with an ideal accessory for it, and also, its price is not high for what this company is used to, 35 euros for a support that you have available in both white and black, so that each user can choose the one that best matches their device, or the one they like the most.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Lenses

In fact, this kind of adapter is so well made that it was the one that Apple used to introduce this amazing feature. It is a support that works through the MagSafe technology of the iPhone, magnetizing itself to the back which, together with a kind of notch, provides the option of being able to anchor it to the computer screen, at the top.

Finally, you also have to know that once you use this support to adhere it to the Mac, you can also use it to create other types of content since it has a ring in which you can insert your finger or your fingers to grip it much better, making the iPhone is safer in your hands, something that when recording certain videos or taking certain photographs comes in really handy so that it is not in danger of falling and being damaged.

iPhone as webcam

This support is now fully available, both through Apple’s physical stores and through the Cupertino company’s own website. Remember that any purchase you make in the Apple Store you have up to 14 days to be able to test it and in case you don’t like it or you really see that you don’t take advantage of it, you can return it without any problem as long as the product is not damaged.