If you have an iPhone and you are not in a family, you are losing money

That's right, and En Familia is one of the biggest advantages that Apple has for its customers, whether you have an iPhone, iPad or even a Mac. And if you still don't belong to one, today I'm going to explain the advantages of being one. , whether they are real acquaintances, or distant friends.

This group is made up of 6 members, including you, and it is so easy to be in one and obtain its benefits that it would be ridiculous not to take advantage of them, so let's see them all and by the end of this article you will surely already be setting one up.

Benefits of “Family” at Apple

By belonging to a family you will be able to share many of the Apple subscriptions, that is, if you, for example, today are paying the 9.95 euros for Apple Music, or simply the 5 euros for being a student, you would be losing money, and I'll explain the reason.

In it group of 6 people that you would form, you can, as I said, share a subscription of those that Apple allows, both music and TV or even other services such as iCloud storage. However, there is a special package that includes everything.

That package is called Apple One, and it costs 25.95 euros, that is, your part would be 4.33 euros per monthand for less than the student music plan costs you would have all this to share:

  • 200 GB iCloud Storage
  • AppleTV+ without ads and with complete catalog
  • Unlimited Apple Music for everyone
  • Apple Arcade

Therefore, for just over four euros you will have security in your photos and files thanks to the cloud, you will be able to watch series and movies without having to pay for Netflix or another platform, you will listen to all the unlimited music you want, and you will get access to Apple Arcade with more than 200 amazing games.

But that's not all, you can share any subscription to any application in the App Store that allows it, that is, if for example you download one of the wallpapers, you pay to have all of them unlimited, because you can also share that purchase with your family, just like they have theirs with you. So if one seemed expensive to you, now you can divide it by 6 if you wish.

You can also do it without contracting the One plan, that is, for only 16.99 euros (€2.84 per person) you can have Apple Musicif the other services do not interest you so much.

In short, having a family on iCloud and Apple is the best thing you could do to enjoy all the services of the apple company without having to pay excessively. Furthermore, for only 4 euros you save yourself all the headaches and absurd tricks by which you waste a lot of time to watch a movie or listen to a song without paying, while at the same time you support Apple to continue generating more content for everyone.

And you, are you already part of a family, or are you one of those who continue to pay for their subscriptions individually? Leave a comment with your situation, who knows, maybe a new family will come out of here.