If you have an iPhone X this is the iPhone you have to buy

iPhone X, the last great revolution of Apple

He iPhone X turned 5 years old in September 2022, being one of the most revolutionary devices of the last few, incorporating a new design that included a borderless screen and facial recognition, Face ID, leaving Touch ID aside.

When is the time to change iPhone?

Smartphones,x have reached some very high levels of development, both in design and in processors, so it is increasingly difficult to find differences that can be seen between the terminals between generations. All devices, with the passage of time, go losing fluidity and user experience, due to battery degradation, end of device updates and lastly, end of support of some applications.

Most users do not reach such far levels of longevity, since they usually change devices beforehand or have the habit of selling their iPhone every year to acquire the most recent generation. Therefore, if we start from the example mentioned above, that is, the iPhone X, When does a user notice a leap forward from one generation to another?

When is it worth renewing your iPhone?

Apple seems to carry a line of design changes every two years, Proof of this, we find the jump from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12, where it went from a curved design to a design with straight lines, similar to the iPad Pro and a leap forward when it comes to taking and editing photos and videos. With the iPhone 14, the notch was partially eliminated with the arrival of the Dynamic Island, producing a new design change.

iPhone 12 Pro Max white

It should be noted that if design changes occur every two years, it is not recommended change your iPhone X for an XS or 11, since you go to another few differences between generations. Therefore, from iPhone 12 Pro Yes, it can be a good leap forward because you are going to have a new design, a new battery and the incorporation of a third lens that substantially improves the taking of photos and videos. The choice of this device also depends on the use that you give it to the same, since if you have a generic use, this device is a great option.

Screen off vs on iPhone 14 Pro Max

The situation changes completely if you are a user who wants extract all the performance from your iPhone. In this sense, the best option is to make the leap not to the iPhone 13, but to iPhone 14 Pro, which is a device that has a double design if you come from the iPhone X. On the one hand, you will have a new chassis design and, on the other hand, the partial elimination of the notch. As a conclusion, it is important to highlight that if you go from one iPhone X to the latest generation of Apple, You will not notice differences on a day-to-day basis, an aspect that shows the quality of the products from the bitten apple. However, if you want to extract performance in photography, video, in that aspect, the processor and hardware of the device make incredible results.

iphone 14 pro