If you have one of these Apple Watch, we have very bad news for you

It was the year 2015 when Apple presented the first Apple Watch models to society. At that time, we had the 38 and 42 millimeter sizes available, and different finishes. But we could also see that some of them were literally worth their weight in gold. Do you remember that gold Apple Watch Edition that cost more than 10,000 euros? And only because it was made of gold. Well, whatever model you bought in 2015, all of them have something in common and the truth is that it is not, at all, good news.

Every technology product that has a beginning has an end. And this is what has now happened to all the Apple Watch models launched in 2015. That is, the first batch of all, before Apple baptized them with the Series surname. And what is the bad news? Well, if they break or something happens to them, say goodbye to the possibility of repairing them in the Apple Store or using official components. And if you have the Watch Edition, keep it like the gold it is.

All Apple Watches from 2015 are already obsolete

It is known that from time to time Apple updates its list with old and obsolete products. When a product has been withdrawn from market circulation and seven years have passed since this, it is the criterion that is established to determine that this device is obsolete.

Let’s remember that the original Apple Watch went on sale in 2015. That is, eight years ago. And when Apple presented the Apple Watch Series 2, there was a lower range called Apple Watch Series 1. But these are not the same as those from 2015, since those that are considered obsolete were the ones that were sold at the outset, and these are known internally as Series 0.

Apple has not (yet) updated its list of obsolete products worldwide. But this movement has been known thanks to an internal document that they have had access to from the English-speaking news website MacRumors. And it’s curious, because “they were added to the list of obsolete products on September 30«.

And what does it mean when an Apple product is considered obsolete? Well, if we have a problem that requires repair or replacement of a component, we will no longer be able to go to an Apple Store, official technical service or authorized workshop. And we will not be able to use official parts from the factory either, since they will not be available.

So, it doesn’t matter if you bought the cheapest model, the ceramic Apple Watch Edition or the gold Apple Watch Edition. Whether you spend 700 or 10,000 euros, you will no longer have access to repairs. Additionally, in terms of software, they can only be updated up to watchOS 5.

watchos 5

From MacRumors, they also explain that the update of the public list of obsolete Apple products “should happen soon.” Regarding the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 that were presented in 206, these are already seven years old since they were presented, but at the moment they are old products, so they can continue to be repaired (for now).