If you have these Beats headphones, you have a problem

Beats headphones are part of the Apple family of products. However, there are certain models that, due to their age, are already considered obsolete. This means that, in the event that we have a problem or need repair, We will no longer be able to go to an official or authorized technical service, and that is a problem for the user. So we are going to show you all the Beats brand products that have already been categorized as “vintage”.

This is the list of discontinued and obsolete Beats products

Apple has several lists in which it classifies its products based on their age. On the one hand, we have the list «Vintage products around the world«. This means that these are old devices that already have a certain time to live. However, not enough time has passed for its useful life cycle, in terms of repairability, to have ended.

On the other hand we have the list “Obsolete Products Worldwide”. This is where we are going to find all those equipment that can no longer be officially repaired. For any product to be in that category, it must remain out of sale and distribution in the market for more than seven years. And the truth is that Beats is a long-standing brand, with many products behind it. So, having said all this, let’s see the Beats models that can no longer benefit from the official service:

  • First Generation Portable Beatbox
  • Second Generation Portable Beatbox
  • Third Generation Portable Beatbox
  • Portable Beatbox 2
  • Beats Executive
  • Beats Pill 1.0
  • Beats Pill XL 1
  • Beats Pill 2.0
  • first generation powerbeats
  • Powerbeats 2
  • Powerbeats Wireless 2
  • beats pro black
  • beats pro white
  • Beats Solo HD
  • Beats Solo2
  • Beats Solo2 Wireless
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless
  • Beats Studio Wireless
  • Second Generation Beats Tour
  • Beats Tour 2.5
  • Beats Wireless 1.5

beats monster headphones

Just as Apple has the Beats brand, this had an agreement with Monster, with which it jointly produced headphones. Apple also includes in the list of Obsolete Beats Products Worldwide, all devices that were manufactured jointly with Monster. The complete list includes the following models:

  • Beats Beatbox
  • diddybeats
  • First generation heartbeats
  • Second generation heartbeats
  • Second Generation Heartbeats (Black)
  • Second Generation Heartbeats (White)
  • iBeats
  • Beats Mixr (black)
  • Beats Mixr (white)
  • Beats Mixr 1
  • First Generation Powerbeats (Black)
  • First Generation Powerbeats (Red)
  • First Generation Powerbeats (White)
  • beats pro black
  • Beats Pro Detox
  • beats pro white
  • First generation Beats Solo
  • HTC First Generation Beats Solo
  • Beats Solo HD
  • First generation Beats Studio
  • First Generation Red Sox Beats Studio
  • Beats Studio first generation black
  • Beats Studio first generation blue
  • Green First Generation Beats Studio
  • Beats Studio first generation orange
  • Pink first generation Beats Studio
  • Violet First Generation Beats Studio
  • Beats Studio first generation red
  • Beats Studio first generation silver
  • Beats Studio first generation white
  • First Generation Beats Tour
  • first generation urbeats
  • Beats Wireless 1.5 black
  • Beats Wireless 1.5 white
  • First generation Beats Wireless