If you have this iPhone they will give you 60,000 euros

How much is your iPhone worth?

It is not the first time that a legendary Apple product and exorbitant prices are paid. The true boy fans of the company, who have bitten the apple in the days of Tim Cook or Steve Jobs, want to have all the Apple products and the latest generation, although, sometimes, they usually indulge themselves by acquiring one of the flagship products of the company.

A few years ago, a iPhone first generation -original- for about $40,000, an incredible price that, without a doubt, is not available to many users. However, in the month of February, a new auction of an original, unsealed iPhone was held, where broken all possible recordsreaching the astronomical figure of more than 60,000 dollars.

The auction did not start with such a high price, specifically, it started for a few 2,500 euros and that, in the best of cases, it was expected to be obtained by the product between 20,000 and 40,000 dollars, a price similar to what was sold years ago. However, after two hours and a total of 27 bidsthe final price of $63,000.

Original iPhone - iPhone 2G

The price of the iPhone original in his day he was $599Therefore, the value that it has acquired in these years has been exponential. The iPhone, which is wrapped in its box and unsealed, has reached the present in that state of preservation for coincidences of fate, since, the operator in which he works at the time, was not compatible with the iPhone, so he could not use it. This made Green choose never to open the phone case, and he probably ended up hiding in the back of a closet until he found it.

How much is a second-hand iPhone worth?

It is an exception that iPhones have a so exorbitant price, regardless of whether it is a mythical iPhone, as is the original iPhone. In most cases, the prices of second-hand, new or unsealed iPhones are lower than the price established by Apple, where the value of them varies depending on its characteristics, which we will describe below.

iPhone case side

  • The model: any iPhone model is susceptible to a sale, where the oldest tend to be the most undervalued.
  • Storage capacity: being the maximum of each model for which more money is obtained.
  • Device Status: if it has signs of use, scratches, screen in good condition, battery
  • Functionality and user experience: do not have any problems of functions, connections and can be used normally.
  • Don’t have any locks either by iCloud or by other means as a result of loss or theft.