If you have this percentage of battery, call Apple

All iPhones, unfortunately, end up suffering wear on their batteries. It is a degradation in both its useful life and the maximum load capacity. Being the latter, increasingly smaller. That is why, when arriving at a certain battery levelit is important that you call Apple to request a repair of your device, in order to have optimal performance and extend the life of our iPhone.

Battery health percentage is very important

The battery level we are talking about is not what we can see with the naked eye, or in the Control Center. This is the percentage indicated in the “Battery Health” section, which can be found in Settings > Battery > Battery health and charge. The Battery section shows the different uses that we have given to the iPhone and how our battery has been behaving. In addition, we can see the applications that have consumed the most battery, together with the time that we have dedicated to each one.

Now, the section that interests us the most in this case is “Health and battery charge.” This menu, which is found within “Battery”, allows us to see two data on how our iPhone’s battery is, in real time:

  • Maximum capacity
  • Peak Throughput Capability

The maximum capacity of our battery is the actual percentage of energy that it can store. This is not the same as the battery percentage that our phone will indicate when we are charging it or when we are going to consult it. To understand it better, let’s give a practical example: The iPhone XR has a 2942 mAh battery capacity. This is 100% of its maximum capacity. However, as time passes, the battery it will no longer be able to retain that same 2942 mAh of energy. Well, the optimal percentage of maximum battery capacity is between 80% and 100%.

If your iPhone has less than this capacity, request repair

maximum capacity iphone battery

if our iphone below the 80% threshold at full capacity, instead call Apple and request a battery replacement or repair. Depending on the more or less intensive use, going from 100% to less than 80% on a new iPhone can take us several years. And it is that it is a degradation that lithium batteries suffer in the long run. And this wear is even more pronounced when the amounts of energy they store are relatively small. According to Apple, for the maximum battery capacity to be reduced by around 80%, more than 500 battery cycles are necessary. Obviously, they are approximate numbers, since each person gives a very particular use to their phone, in the same way, charging habits. vary depending on the needs.

The peak performance of our battery, on the other hand, refers to its behavior, and if it manages to “keep up” with the use of our iPhone. That is, our battery offers the correct performance, or it is below normal. If you see, within that section, an alert message that the performance is lower than normal, it may be a symptom that your iPhone needs a new battery.