If you have your first MacBook these accessories are for you

If you have bought a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, and it is your first time with an Apple computer, you may be thinking of some starter pack of accessories, to complement your team. And if that is your case, in this post we are going to give you some recommendations for basic products that cannot be missing from your Mac.

Protecting your Mac comes first

Mac design is one of its strongest points. However, to keep the external hardware of the computer as intact as possible, it is essential to “dress” it as it should. A MacBook is a computer that, in many cases, we are going to take everywhere. And so that it can withstand the jogs of day to day, have a good cover so that it is protected it is essential.

But it is not only about protecting the computer. It is also about we can carry some essentials with us such as the charger, some external memory, adapters, etc. That is why we recommend some cases with additional space for storage. So that your computer and your peripherals are well protected.

Inside and outside

The outer cases of Macs are important. But the computer’s own body can also be protected. If you want to prevent your computer from scratching or wearing out the case, but you want to show off its design, a protective hard shell It is a protection element that is perfectly compatible with day-to-day use and, furthermore, it will not prevent us from carrying it in a case.

macbook hard case

These types of cases are rigid, and can be transparent or colored. They are characterized by being attached to the bottom of the computer, on the one hand, and behind the screen, on the other. Thus, we are going to maintain the aesthetic state of the computer, while protecting it from day-to-day movements that may affect the body itself.

Adapters are still allies

Luckily for users, some of the essential MacBook ports are back. Gone are the new batch laptops with only two (or four) USB-C ports to connect everything. SD cards or HDMI cables can be reconnected without adapters in between. Similarly, charging for MagSafe has returned. But realistically, a multi-port USB Type-C adapter it will expand the functions of our MacBook.

usb c hub macbook

Although, it is true that they are no longer needed yes or yes, it never hurts to be able to connect more peripherals such as USB-A memories or hard drives (the traditional USB), connect the computer to the Internet through a cable, etc. Or if we have a MacBook Air, directly add all the ports that have returned to the MacBook Pro. That is why here we recommend some hubs that can be very useful for you.