If you see this from the Mac, be careful because they are lying to you very blatantly

If the river makes a noise its because water is running. Or that’s what they usually say. However, this is not the case we are here to talk to you about today. Rather, on the contrary: We are here to deny something that has begun to circulate online, and that has to do with Apple laptops. Or, at least, that is what the outlook indicates, as everything is right now. Do you want to know more about what it is about? If you don’t want them to sneak it in, in this post we will tell you what it is about.

The design of Mac laptops has changed a lot in recent years, although they maintain the essence that has always characterized them. And it is precisely design that all this has to do with. Where there once were screens with pronounced bezels, we now have reduced bezels and a Notch at the top. However, if the iPhones have loaded the Notch to put Dynamic Island, would it be logical for them to do the same with the Macs? Well, sadly, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but if you’ve seen an image with a portable Mac with Dynamic Island, you’ve missed it.

No, it is not a MacBook with Dynamic Island

Everything began to emerge when an . The user posts with the following phrase: “MacBook Pro with Dynamic Island LEAKED by Apple?” Well, the truth is that it is not a MacBook Pro, nor is it Dynamic Island, nor is it a leak, nor is it Apple.

MacBook Pro with Dynamic Island LEAKED by Apple??? https://t.co/85QUvzVsSI

October 5, 2023 • 18:00

How do you know it’s a fake? On the English-speaking news portal Appleinsider they explain it by giving several points of analysis, the first of which is the design of the icon itself. So, they explain this first like this: “If this were a Dynamic Island, it would take up a significant portion of the MacBook screen, even for a glyph.”

They add that “glyphs may have more detail than this image shows, so a notch, or even a dynamic island cutout would be easily rendered at this size.” “So it doesn’t make sense for Apple to represent a feature meant to take up less space in the form of a gigantic block.”

Another important factor they give to refute this image is the fact that “there are zero credible sources that suggest that Dynamic Island comes to Macs.” Also to this, they explain that “the design does not allow the sensors to be housed in such a thin screen, not yet.”

It is not that it is, therefore, an impossible remainder or milestone (technologically speaking). It is that, at this time, due to the technology of the Mac screen itself, and that there are no indications from analysts, manufacturers or suppliers that this is going to happen in the short term.