If you want an iPhone that will last you many years, choose well

It is not the same to spend a thousand euros on an iPhone that will last us five or six years, as at least spend 500 euros on a device that will last two years, since the enjoyment of it will be much less. Therefore, in this post, we are going to see what iPhone you must buy and it will last you for many years depending on your needs.

Good, nice and cheap iPhone for everyday use

If you are looking for an iPhone for a more basic use ppossible, such as making calls, social networks, sending emails, not having autonomy problems and even updates, you don’t care much because you want to have an iPhone, but you don’t care if you are in one version or another, you can buy any of the models upgrading to iOS 16.

The most recommended devices are from iPhone XS up to iPhone 14These are devices that will have updates for a minimum of two more years. In the case of the XS, the battery, with a replacement, once again has good autonomy, in addition to having a modern, minimalist design that is capable of run all basic processes you’re looking if any problems. In fact, for the iPhone XS to stop receiving application updates, it will take years for that to happen.

An iPhone with many updates

if you want a downstream user, that is, from time to time you play, edit videos or other days, you only use it to consume social networks or emails, what you really want is for your iPhone to receive many updates. Obviously, we mean iOS updates, because app updates take much longer.

iphone 13 pro

In this sense, the most interesting devices for you are from the iPhone 11 Pro up to the most current generations, except the 12 mini and 13 mini models, since they are devices that have low autonomy and a small screen that prevents them from being a good option for playing games and editing videos.

heavy processes

If you are looking for an iPhone for play, edit images for animation and that it lasts several years, that is, we mean heavy processes like a Call Of Duty, Civilization VI or, edit photography in Lightroom. In addition, you are also looking for a device that has iOS updates for several years, because, even if you do not need to have the latest version of the operating system to play, it is always good to update to clean junk files or eliminate small bugs that can be spawn during a game.

For this type of user, you need an iPhone that has good battery to prevent you from running out of autonomy in the middle of a game and having to soverheat the device during charging. Also, you need an iPhone that has a good chip so that you can execute all the processes with ease and efficiency and finally, the best camera and video features.

iPhone 13 Pro Max green

In this sense, the best option is to acquire a model Pro or Pro Max, since it has a camera with good characteristics and a very good screen in both versions. The best options are from an iPhone 12 Pro Max, up to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, both inclusive. The difference between years lies in the price and the updates, because both have a very good processor and a performance according to the maximum requirements mentioned.