If you want to change the battery of your iPhone, you have to know this

One of the actions that many users carry out in order not to change their current iPhone but to improve its conditions is to replace the battery, since this makes the device work much better in addition to, obviously, giving the equipment better autonomy. . Well, for all those who want, from now on, to change the battery of their Apple equipment, including the iPhone, we have bad news. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

From a while ago until now, Apple has been increasing the prices of practically everything. It started with some of the devices, such as the MacBook Air M2, continued with services like Apple Music or iCloud storage, and now, it also does the same with the possibility of changing the battery of devices that are outside of warranty.

Apple raises the price of batteries

The fact of changing the battery of the equipment, as we have said before, implies that users can give a second life to them, and maybe it’s what Apple doesn’t want, that many users first choose to change the battery before buying a new device. Be that as it may, the fact is that the Cupertino company has raised the prices of battery changes for all those equipment that are out of warranty.

We start with the iPhone, and it is that now from the iPhone 13 backwards, the price has increased by 20 dollars, going to cost 89 dollars for the iPhone 13, for example, or 69 dollars for the iPhone 8 and earlier. Now, it is true that the iPhone 14 has not increased at any time. Something similar has also happened with the iPad, which as with the iPhone, the price has also increased by $20 from the iPad Pro 12.9-inch fifth generation and earlier, iPad Pro 11-inch third generation and earlier, iPad Pro 10.5 and 9.7 inches, all models of the iPad mini and all models of the iPad Air as well, costing $119 to change the battery on these devices. Now, the movement is identical to that with the iPhone, since the most current iPad models do not undergo any change in the price of their replacements.

change the battery manually

We now turn to talk about the batteries of the Macwhich in this case have not increased by 20 dollars, but have risen from 30 to 50 dollars, having to pay 159 dollars for the replacement of the MacBook Air battery and 249 dollars for the replacement of the MacBook Pro battery. This Without a doubt, it will make many users really think about replacing the battery or buying a new product, which is perhaps what the Cupertino company is looking for and pursuing.

Finally, it must be made very clear that this price increase applies to all devices not covered by warranty and that they obviously do not have the Apple insurance contracted, the famous AppleCare+, since with it this type of repair or replacement is completely free, something that perhaps you should consider when buying a new device.