If you want to install a beta of macOS, do this

Faced with an imminent WWDC, we no longer have much time to look at the first betas of the new macOS operating systems. That is why if you are curious to try what the new functions that are about to arrive will be like, in this post we are going to explain everything you need to know before installing a macOS beta, so you can do it safely.

The risks of installing a macOS beta

Before you start to see what you should do, You have to know the risks involved in installing a beta of an operating system. If you expect to find a version with new functions that already work, the truth is that it is quite the opposite. It is, therefore, a preliminary version of macOS, which is full of bugs that must begin to be detected and corrected.

In addition, the optimization in terms of the operation of the applications, as well as the general stability of the entire equipment, are not guaranteed in any way either, despite the fact that your Mac is one of the latest models. In the same way that the operation The data and information that we have stored are not without risk either. Being a system in the testing phase, we could lose files.

If we have applications installed that we usually use on a regular basis, you have to take into account that they may not work correctly. And even, stop working, since they will not be adapted to the new operating system that we have installed. As you can see, it is a very large set of elements to take into account, if what you want is to install a beta (and even more so if you are not a developer).

Install a beta safely with these tricks

The first thing that we recommend is that do not install a beta of macOS on your main computer. The reasons are all the ones you have seen before. Therefore, the most ideal thing is to install the new system on a secondary computer. Now, if you only have a Mac computer, we recommend making a hard drive partition. This is done in Disk Utility, and thanks to this you will be able to have a separate space where the beta can be run independently of the main operating system.

Although the beta can work independently, we still recommend that you make a backup of all your data and files. This way you make sure that all your information is safe. And in the event that the beta works worse than expected, or directly fails, you will have at hand all the data that you already had before installing.

In the same way, we recommend that if you want to install a beta of macOS you do so through Apple’s public beta program, or, you open a developer account. These two methods are official, and we will make sure that we are not going to download anything other than the system itself. Without malware or other types of programs that could harm the Mac. Therefore, all third-party modifications, unauthorized and with methods that are not official, are not recommended at all, if we want our computer to be able to continue to function normally, once we have uninstalled the beta.