If you wanted some AirPods Pro, now you have them at a discount

One of the most successful Apple products is without a doubt the AirPods, so much so that since their launch different versions have been arriving, with different features, but all with a common denominator, a great user experience. The most acclaimed at the moment are the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, and in this post we give you the opportunity to buy them at a good discount. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

AirPods Pro discount on Amazon

Few faults can be put to Apple AirPods, since at the level of benefits they are really headphones that are capable of satisfying the needs of any user. However, there is a point that makes many people prefer to bet on other alternatives, it is about the price, and that is that, as is often the case with Apple, these headphones are not exactly cheap, let alone AirPods Pro.

All those who want to buy AirPods Pro through the Apple Store, whether physical or online, have to leave 299 euros, which is the price at which Apple sells them since their launch. Well, having said that, some may think that you just have to wait for the company itself to lower the price, however, we are sorry to tell you that this will never happen, since Apple does not lower the prices of its products, which does not mean that there are no other options to be able to buy the AirPods Pro with some discount.

Fortunately, there are other stores or establishments that also sell Apple products, such as Amazon, which also now does so with a good discount on AirPods Pro, leaving them at 279 euros, that is, 20 euros discount compared to its price in the Apple Store. It is not the discount of the century, but of course it is 20 euros that you save.

Reasons to buy these Apple headphones

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, AirPods are headphones that have truly enviable features, offering users a fantastic user experience. In the case of the AirPods Pro, this quality is accentuated, since they have also just been renewed, improving aspects of them that were already very remarkable in the previous generation.

AirPods Pronoise cancellation It is the hallmark, which makes them different from the rest of Apple’s options, and how could it be otherwise, it is one of the best on the market, thanks to both the pads and the technology that Apple has developed. But beware, that together with noise cancellation is also ambient modewhich is just the opposite, since what these headphones do is capture all the sound from outside and introduce it into your ear, allowing you to perfectly hear everything that surrounds you.

A point that must also be highlighted, moreover considerably, is the sound quality of these headphoneswhich has improved significantly compared to the previous generation, offering a truly positive experience, even matching what AirPods Max, its older brothers, are capable of.