If you wanted to buy the MacBook Air M2, here is your offer

One of the most balanced devices that Apple has in its catalog is without a doubt the MacBook Air M2. Presented last June at the famous Apple developer conference, it has been a team that has managed to have very few detractors, and it is really capable of satisfying the needs of many users. If you also want to get one, this is your opportunity thanks to the offer that is available on Amazon.

discounts available

In the introduction to this post we mentioned that the MacBook Air M2 is a device that has been really well received by the vast majority of the public. However, there is a point that has not been liked at all and that is that the price has risen considerably compared to the previous generation. In this post we are not going to go into whether or not this increase is really justified by the benefits it has and by the changes that the team has undergone, since what we want to tell you is the great offer that you have available on Amazon and that will allow you to to be able to lower that price increase that this team has had. Below we leave you the discounts available.

  • MacBook Air M2 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage
    • Silver color: 200 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 220 euros discount.
    • White star color: 200 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 205 euros discount.

  • MacBook Air M2 with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage
    • Silver color: 240 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 250 euros discount.
    • White star color: 220 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 220 euros discount.

Is the MacBook Air M2 worth it?

This is the big question that many users ask themselves when purchasing this product. The answer is the same as always and that is everything will depend on the needs you have and, consequently, of the use that you are going to require of said device. This MacBook Air M2 is ideal for a large part of the general public that what you need is a computer very portablewith a design attractive that at the same time gives that extra lightness. Therefore, for all those who are looking for that extra portability, without a doubt this equipment is ideal for it.

MacBook Air M2 side

Now, not everything is a question of design and lightness, since the power is if possible much more important. It has the m2 inside, which of course provides power and performance in abundance, so in that sense you will not have to worry. Now, depending on what you want to do with the equipment, you will have to modify the amount of RAM and storage that you choose. Having said that, the reality is that the target user of this computer is one who requires a certain amount of power in their day-to-day activities but who does not have to push their equipment to the limit either due to actions they perform that require a lot of power and performance.

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