If you were looking for cheaper AirPods, you just found them in this post

AirPods are one of the essential accessories with which to complement our Apple products, whether it is an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac or an Apple Watch. Their features, the sound quality they provide and the total integration with the Apple ecosystem position them as very interesting headphones to bet on. However, these are not always the price we would like. So if you were looking for cheaper AirPods, you just found them in this post.

The AirPods have been. become a very varied product family, in. which we find models focused on different types of needs. Do we want basic headphones? The second generation AirPods. Do we want versatility, sound quality and battery life to take our headphones with us wherever we go? The third generation AirPods are the best option. Are we looking for the latest features and the best quality, in the most complete product? Don't think twice and go for second-generation AirPods Pro.

These models will cost you less money through Amazon

The first headphones that we present to you are the second generation AirPods. They are currently sold as the most basic headphones, and they can be a very good entry-level option if we have never tried them and want to spend the least amount of money possible. Usually, this model has. a usual price of 149 euros through the Apple Store.

However, right now Through Amazon we can find them at a price of only 124 euros. So if you want to take advantage of the offer and get a device that is still excellent, even though it is the one that has been on the market for the longest time, below we leave you a direct link that will take you to the offer. And by the way, in addition to money, you will also save time searching for them:

If we want to improve the formula of the second generation AirPods with a renewed design, more battery, IPX4 water resistance and more functions such as Spatial Audio with tracking, the third generation AirPods are a very good evolution, and excellent headphones at for which to go. Its approach is based on day-to-day use. Whether we want to do light sports, talk on the phone, or listen to music wherever we go, these headphones will do the job.

Typically, these are priced at 199 euros through the Apple Store. However, thanks to the 10% discount through Amazon, we will only be paying 179 euros. So, if you want to pay less for them again, here is a direct link:

Third generation AirPods on white background

The culmination of these headphones is found with the second generation AirPods Pro. In addition to having the latest functions and being the most complete of the entire product family, this year they have been updated and now we find a USB type C connection. So, if we want waterproof Apple headphones (IPX4), with the best microphones, spatial audio and noise cancellation, this is your option.

They usually cost 279 euros through the Apple Store. However, now on Amazon they have an 11% discount that reduces its price to only 249 euros. So if you want to pay less, here is your direct purchase link.

AirPods Pro 2nd generation on white background