iFixIt Teardown Reveals That New Mac Studio’s Internal Storage Is Not Upgradeable 

Apple’s new M1 Ultra Mac Studio was dismantled by iFixit today, giving us a first look at the components within. This isn’t iFixit’s usual, more in-depth disassembly, which hasn’t been released yet, but it does reveal a few intriguing facts about the Mac Studio.

While some people assumed the new Mac Studio’s SSD slots meant it could be updated, iFixit has proven — exactly as Apple claimed — that this isn’t the case in its deconstruction video.

iFixIt’s Disassembly Video Gives Us A Better Look Inside Mac Studio

The new Mac Studio is Apple’s latest non-user-upgradable Mac, which includes storage as well as other features. There was a glimmer of optimism when one YouTuber opened a system and discovered SSD slots, but expanding Mac Studio storage is now a no-go. However, it appears that you may switch storage from one system to another.

While it’s true that others had attempted and failed to change SSD storage from one Mac Studio to another, we didn’t realize they were utilizing two different capacities at the time. iFixit tried moving a similar capacity SSD module from one system to another, and, voila, Apple Configurator allowed them to install macOS on it. True, end customers are unlikely to make such a switch, but it’s still useful to understand how these things function. It may also make it easier for Apple to fix these laptops if an SSD fails.

In terms of the deconstruction, we get our best look yet at what’s going on inside what is, by some criteria, the finest Mac Apple has ever created. The massive heatsink and fan assembly are every bit as spectacular as we expected, and the power supply is no less of a beast.

Apple’s Mac Studio is now available for purchase, with the M1 Max model starting at $1,999.