I’ll explain to you in 15 seconds whether the new iMac is worth it or not

After almost three years, Apple has finally updated the 24-inch iMac, whose main attraction is the third generation Apple Silicon, M3, the first 3 nm Silicon manufactured by the Taiwanese company TSMC. After having carefully analyzed this iMac, let’s see what the main advantages and disadvantages and analyze if it is worth purchasing this unit in 2024.

Before entering fully into this post, it is important to highlight that on the official Apple website we have three iMac models, whose main difference lies in the number of CPU and GPU cores, the number of USB-C connection ports and local SSD memory. The amount of RAM memory is the same in the entry versions, offering 8 GB of memory.

What is the best thing about this iMac M3?

Next, let’s look at the three most interesting features that this generation of iMac hasa new version that updates an already quite interesting model.

  • Screen: One of the best attractions that this iMac has is its screen. Their 24 inches make them a magnificent device for working with all types of applications and having the screen shared without problems when viewing content. In this regard, the magnet app does an amazing job. In fact, with a panel of such dimensions, you do not need to have another additional monitor unless your work requires it.
  • Processor: It is true that the iMac is not designed to perform professional tasks. However, the M1 was not either and offered better performance than the 16-inch MacBook Pro with Intel’s most powerful processors. Thanks to its incredible performance and efficiency, it is more interesting to increase the RAM to 24 GB and the SSD to 512 than to buy the Mac mini or the Mac Studio in most situations, because the performance offered by this unit is simply incredible and if If you purchase the options mentioned, you will not take advantage of their full potential.
  • The essence of the iMac: All of us fans of the bitten apple are lovers of the iMac. The possibility of purchasing a complete work equipment is fascinating, without having to depend on third-party products, as happens when you buy a PC. With the purchase of an iMac, you have a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, what else do you need?

The iMac should improve this

Rear 24-inch iMac

As you can imagine, the iMac is not a perfect device at all, so after a few weeks of testing, we can draw some conclusions about which areas most need improvement.

  • Lack of connections: Even though the position of the connection ports is correct, we only find USB-C or Thunderbolt ports, which forces us to always have a hub, breaking the aesthetics of our unit. I think Apple should include the possibility of a card reader.
  • Storage memory: It is unjustifiable that practically in 2024 a model with such a high price will start with 256 GB of local memory. If you want your equipment to last several years and not be constantly aware of how much available storage it has left, you are going to have to go through the checkout making the product more expensive.