I’m charging my iPhone and it gets hot: what can I do?

If when we charge the iPhone battery, we notice that it starts to get very hot, in this post we are going to give you a series of recommendations that can be very useful. In addition, we are also going to let you know the risk factors that cause the temperature of your phone to rise more than normal. so if you want take care of the health of your devicethis post is for you.

The iPhone can get hot for various reasons

Choosing a suitable charger for iPhone is very important. Not because it has more power, does it mean that it will charge the phone faster. Fast charging is usually a factor with which the fastest and most powerful adapters are usually chosen. But this can become a counterproductive process, since the iPhone is not capable of retaining all the energy that the charger delivers. This causes energy to be dissipated in the form of heat, which is transmitted to the phone itself, causing overheating of the battery and other components. If we have a fast charging iPhone, the best thing to do is use adapters that are around 20W of power.

There can be a specific situation: we are using the iPhone while it is charging. If we use it that is not very demanding, it does not have to get too hot. However, if we start using several applications simultaneously and with the brightness at maximum, then it may start to rise in temperature. Therefore, a very good recommendation is lower the intensity of the screen, at the same time that we are not using several applications at the same time, such as a FaceTime video call, sharing our screen, while we are in another app. In cases like these, the iPhone is more likely to get hot.

maximum capacity iphone batteryIf the health of our battery is no longer 100%, since it has been losing faculties over time, and we are at a very low percentage, it can also get hot. This can happen in those iPhones that we have been using for a while, and the battery has never been changed. And if we are at a very low level, the effort to load can be greater than in normal conditions. That extra work is what makes the iPhone hot. That is why, if we see that this is something common, reducing the power of the charging plug can be a very good idea, since we will not deliver as much energy simultaneously.

One last trick to prevent the iPhone from getting too hot is to use official or MFi certified power adapters and cables. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but the truth is that if they are components that are not optimized for iPhones, the energy they deliver (and the way they do it) will not be aligned with what the phone needs. And if we charge our device with an adapter that is not official (or is not MFi), it will charge according to the terminal for which it has been designed.