iMac- Apple Doesn’t Have Any Recent Plans For It

After the tech conglomerate introduced the new Mac Studio and Studio Display, it quietly negated the sales of the 27-inch iMac. Although the company has already informed the media that the 27-inch display with an Intel processor is no longer purchasable, there have been rumors that the company has a new product in the works. But as far as official sources go, no such confirmation has been received from the company itself. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has no plans of releasing a display with a larger screen in the near future. 

Apple Has No Plans For Its iMac

Rather, the company has been diligently working on the next range of the Macs with the newly developed M2 chip. This includes a range of devices such as the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and the Mac mini. However, when it comes to the iMac, the company has absolutely no desire currently to release high-end versions of the desktop just yet. This not only applies to a model with a larger screen, but it would hold the same for its Pro, Max, and Ultra chips. Interestingly, the company has been working on a 24-inch all-in-one desktop, but it would be released in 2023. 

Now, similar to the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, the upcoming iMac will not be featured in the list of high-end processors from Apple. But one also needs to keep in mind that the plans of the company could change at any given point in time. This entails that the company might not have considered introducing different versions of the desktop before. 

Apple has been interested in the promotion of the Mac Studio, and the new Apple Silicon Mac Pro, rather than focusing on any new or improved models of the iMac.