iMac or Mac mini, which one is more worth it?

The Mac mini and iMac have become two teams of Apple references since the presentation of the Apple Silicon, positioning themselves as two of the best-selling teams they have acquired over time. However, some users may have doubts about which equipment to purchase and in this post we are going to see which Mac is the best option depending on your workflow.

Similarities between the Mac mini and the iMac

Both devices, despite being completely different in terms of design, have many similarities between them, similarities that we are going to analyze below:

  • Same configuration: Both the Mac mini and the iMac carry the same M1 chip with the same configurations for both CPU and GPU. In addition, you can configure the equipment with the same features, adding a total of 16 GB of RAM and the same SSD storage up to a total of 2 TB.
  • Performance: Since they have the same specs, they behave very similarly, so you can run basic tasks without breaking a sweat, and it performs fairly well on tasks that require processor power in most scenarios. Of course, despite the fact that they have the same Chip, there is a more basic version for the iMac, with one less GPU core, but the performance will be similar in practically all situations.

Differences between the Mac mini and the iMac

They are two similar teams in terms of performance and features, however, there are other very important aspects when buying one of the two Macs and that we are going to analyze below:

  • Product content: One of the big differences between the two teams is the accessories, the iMac includes a 4K panel, Magic Mouse and Apple Keyboard as standard. Instead, the Mac mini includes only the device, so you have to buy all the accessories separately at the end of the product.
  • Peripherals: Despite the fact that both devices have a wide variety of ports, the Mac mini has very interesting ports such as HDMI or serial ethernet cable, an aspect that the iMac does not include and you have to solve the problem with adapters. In the case of ethernet, you can buy it as an accessory when you go to buy the equipment, but it does not come standard as it does on the Mac mini.
  • Hardware Ecosystem: iMacs come with different colors that are spread throughout the product, and above all, having the same panel allows you to make changes such as brightness or audio from the keyboard, an aspect that you cannot do if you have an external monitor, since you have to modify the values ​​in system settings.


Which one are we left with?

iMac or Mac mini, Mac mini or iMac, the answer is depends since they are two very interesting pieces of equipment but they depend to a large extent on the user’s needs, since it is the user who knows perfectly what the workflow you perform in your day to dayso, it is best that you mentally note the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two teams and answer the following question: what is the best option for you?

If you have peripherals of iMac from past generations as a keyboard, mouse or external monitor and you are looking for a minimum of portability, the Mac mini is a very interesting device for you. Instead, if you want to buy your first iMac and you like the variety of existing colors, the iMac is a very interesting team because you will have a complete team without having to look for third-party accessories.