The Apple Silicon iMac Replacement: All We Know

Apple is most likely to replace its iMac which is 27 inches with its silicon model which will be probably called iMac Pro. The iMac of 24-inch was launched in 2021 with a new design which was later on expected from the replacement of the 27-inch model. As per rumors, the 27inch model will look similar to the iMac of 24inch with light colors like Space Gray and Silver.

Thus, the size of the new iMac will be the same as 27inches with just a difference in screen and processor technology. The report of DSCC states that Apple will probably launch the iMac replacement with technology like ProMotion and features like a mini led display in the Spring event of 2022. 

What’s New In The New iMac Replacement

The M2 chip was about to launch with MacBook Air and regarding the iMac replacement, M1 Max and M1 Pro chips will be used with advanced capabilities as they will be always connected to the power. Apple will also offer an 8TB SSD, 64 GB RAM, and will add a port of 10GB-ethernet. Moreover features like SD slot, USB-C, HDMI, and lightning. 

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg stated that this new version will be high-end, revamped with Silicon, and the device is getting postponed by the company as currently, they are focussing on M1 iMac of 24-inch.  The iMac-27inches will cost around $1,799 as the price of MacBook Pro and iMac 24inch has been increased. 

The new iMac replacement is a device that is dreamt by users who are professionals in computers and the last one was updated in 2020 with a webcam of 1080p and an advanced processor. Mark Gurman stated that the new iMac will not be launched in the Spring event which will be held on 8th March. He also believes that the last two Macs are the oldest Apple devices and will be updated in the next event.