After the entry of Elon Musk to the board of directors of Twitter and the dismantling of the social network as we knew it, new social networks such as Mastodon have appeared. Skepticism around Twitter caused more than 2.5 million users to be active on the new social network at the beginning of December 2022. Due to this boom Apple wanted to give a little more importance to Mastodon by integrating the preview of its messages when links are added in iMessage. All of this will be available at iOS 16.4.

Mastodon gains a foothold in iMessage thanks to iOS 16.4

The objective when we share links in the different messaging apps is that they show part of the content before accessing the link itself. This already happens with Twitter and other social networks in WhatsApp and iMessage, for example. However, the arrival of Mastodon as another option has made Apple want to give it a little more importance than it has had to date on iOS and iPadOS.

The new beta of iOS 16.4 show a Mastodon’s content preview system when we share links from this social network in iMessage, just like when we share links from Twitter, for example. The information displayed is part of the content, the author, the image (if any).

Ivory for Mastodon

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Ivory, the new Mastodon client for iOS, now available

This is nothing more than another approach from Apple to Mastodon before the arrival and rise of this app that makes up the fediverso, an open federation of servers whose objective is the publication of content on the Internet. This iMessage and Mastodon integration is coming to iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 in the coming weeks, when Apple decides to release the version globally.