iOS 16 iMessage Tips And Tricks

Your iMessage is jam-packed with useful features and functions, many of which you’re probably unaware of. Despite the fact that the market is crowded with feature-rich messaging applications like WhatsApp and secure text messaging like Telegram and Signal, iMessage remains on many people’s wish lists. Aside from being very safe and seamless, Apple’s messaging app is unrivaled when it comes to spicing up the discussion. If Animoji doesn’t put a grin on your face, Memoji will. If bubble effects aren’t enough to liven up the discourse, the eye-catching screen effects will.

Apple Pay

Paying people is simple and secure. Apple Pay is a popular way to transfer and request money over iMessage. It’s worth noting that they’ll need Apple Pay activated to utilize it. Venmo may be used to pay and request money if you don’t have Apple Pay.

iMessage Features That Make It An Enjoyable App

Pigeon in the Wild

It has a tonne of very entertaining games that you can play with other iOS users. Popular games include filler, darts, and 8 Ball. In addition to your memoji, Game Pigeon allows you to create your own personalized avatar.

Integrations with third-party apps

iMessage integrates with a variety of apps. YouTube and Pinterest, for example, allow you to search for and share files with others right within it.

Reactions on iMessage

Sometimes communication doesn’t need a response, but you still want to recognize it. You can adore, upvote, downvote, laugh, emphasize, or challenge a message by long-pressing it. Extended pressing also allows us to respond to a message directly.

Memoji craze

Memoji may be used in a variety of positions as stickers. You may also record a voice message via iMessage, and the memoji will replicate your facial emotions thanks to AI. Some people find animoji unsettling, but if you are used to it, it’s a lot of fun.