Important news regarding the iPhone 15 and its charging in BMW

A few days ago we published the news that some iPhone 15 users were experiencing problems with the NFC chip in their phones, when they charged them wirelessly on the charging mats of some BMW models. Although, at the time of publishing, it was not very clear what was happening, in this post we bring you important news regarding this topic.

What was happening was the following: Several users began to report that, after using the wireless charging pad, the NFC chip on their iPhone 15 stopped working. This began to circulate on two key sites: Social networks and the user forum of the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors. In fact, it is from this same site where we locate the original source of the news. Now, news has emerged regarding all this, and it seems that more is beginning to be seen about the problem.

Everything new that has been known

On this occasion it was the media 9to5Mac who began to pull the thread a little more, to find out more details about this. They explain, first, the following: «Multiple reports of problems with iPhone wireless charging at BMW do not appear to be specific to the iPhone 15 line, but may be accentuating existing heating problems, which Apple says are becoming more acute. in the latest models.

But a key fact is that this problem of excessive heating not only affects the iPhone 15, but “other users They have also reported the same problem on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with other chargers in vehicles. «This also happens in iPhone 14 models. It is more of a phone heater than a phone charger. The same thing happened to me with an Audi. The phone is so hot you can’t even touch it, so I stopped using the wireless charger. It happened to me with the 14 Pro Max and the 15 Pro Max,” they report from the media, giving voice to a harmed user.

First BMW. But It also happens in Audi. And at Tesla. And at Ford. “At this point, it appears we are seeing an exacerbation related to heating issues, which Apple says are caused by a bug in iOS 17, and which mostly affects iPhone 15 models,” they report.

The heating problem also has to do with applications. Uber and Instagram are two candidates that are using resources excessively, aggravating this warming.

Thus, in the first news we published we talked about the breakage of the NFC chip, after charging the iPhone 15 wirelessly in BMW models, as explained in MacRumors. Now it has been learned that the problem not only affects BMW, but also affects other car models. Likewise, the iPhone 15 are not the only phones either, but it also happens in the iPhone 14.

Wireless charging is a system that, although very useful, is an inductive field that transfers electricity from the power source to the phone’s coil, which absorbs that energy. In itself, heat is dissipated due to the contact generated by both parts. A very accentuated and aggravated heat, taking into account everything that happens with the new iPhones.