Improve your productivity on the iPad with these simple tricks

The iPad was born in its day as a tool to consume multimedia content, far from productivity due to the limitations that iOS entailed. However, with the arrival of iPadOS, Apple has decided to give a “second life” to this very special product, and for the first time it has become what Tim Cook always wanted, the replacement for the PC.

However, iPadOS hides many secrets that you may not know and in Actualidad iPhone we are going to explain it to you. Discover with us these productivity tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your iPad and improve your experience.

Where are the widgets?

Let’s be honest, the new implementation of iOS and iPadOs that allows you to put the widgets on the screen is not designed for those who decide to work with their iPad, and the thing is that the Springboard should be relegated only to the important things, that’s why having a “clean” home screen can make all the difference.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to give up widgets. If you are on the home screen, simplement make a gesture from left to right and a dropdown of widgets will appear. Now it’s your turn to customize it and add your favorite tools.

Slide Over, the floating screen for little things

You may well know that iPadOS allows the use of a multi-window system to work with several applications at the same time. What you may not know about is Slide Over, another multitasking mechanism, but this time for small tasks that don’t require 100% of our attention.

When you’re in an app, swipe from bottom to top to bring up the “Dock,” and drag the app you want onto the screen with the same gesture. Now that application will appear as a small floating window, with which you can do a lot of things.

How many apps do I have in Slide Over?

Once you have learned to master the iPadOS Slide Over technique, these small windows may accumulate, and we remind you that iOS and iPadOS do not close applications by default, but always remain open in the background.

So things, if you slide from bottom to top on the “start” icon displayed in the window of the application you are running in Slide Over, It will allow you to invoke the indicator of open applications in Side Over, too easy.

Select text easily and quickly

If you need to select text and you were sick of the little bubble that previously appeared in iOS and iPadOS, you’re in luck. Selecting text has never been easier on a device with these features, Apple has not only changed the way we invoke the text picker, but it has also added a bunch of new features that allow you to perform text editing tasks with small gestures, like the ones we are going to tell you about below:

  • Copy text: Pinch from the outside in with three fingers on the selected text, and it will copy.
  • Paste text: Pinch from the inside out with three fingers over the desired location, and the text will paste
  • Undo: Flick right to left with three fingers, and the last option will be undone.
  • Redo: Flick left to right with three fingers, and the last option will be redone.

Does the keyboard bother you? minimize it

The iPadOS keyboard is sometimes huge, we want to work with several applications at the same time, or we have a lot of content to display on the screen, and it is a real shame to waste all that space with a simple “keyboard”.

Well, don’t worry, because you may not have known about this Apple innovation for your iPad, but it can help you in your productivity tasks. Simply make a pinch gesture on the iPadOS keyboard and you will see how it minimizes, displaying a small floating keyboard like we might have on iOS.

If you want to return to the normal size keyboard, you simply have to do the same gesture in reverse, that is: Pinch from the inside out.

You can type by sliding your finger

This is an option that iOS users know quite well, that of typing with one hand by sliding your finger between the keys. This option, how could it be otherwise, is also fully available on iPadOS.

This swipe typing functionality is fully enabled on iPadOS, so sliding from one side to the other will select the characters and form words based on Apple’s own predictive keyboard.

Open all windows quickly

exposed This is how Apple has decided to call this new functionality that has not only reached macOS, but is also available on iPadOS.

And it is that if we make a long press on an application like Safari, the classic pop-up of functionalities will open. Well, now a new one has been added that will allow us to see at a glance all the windows that we have open, to select it and enter the one we want quickly, did you know this?

Visual Organizer (Stage Manager) on iPadOS 16

We are more than sure that you will know many of these iPadOS tricks, as a good user of the platform that you are. However, we do not rule out that among the list of novelties that we have shown you, some will be of use to you. We take this opportunity to remind you that our YouTube channel is full of these tricks, and that if you have any doubts about any of them, you will find the video inserted in the header in which we explain each and every one of them.

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