Improved AI for iOS 18 is the most revolutionary change since iOS 7

It can be said that 2024 is the year of AI for Apple and for the majority of companies in the sector, which are aware that, without strong development in AI, they will be far behind the competition. In this post we are going to analyze everything we know about this new Apple operating system.

Apple is a company that usually doesn't leak anything or almost anything to the press, and it doesn't care much about what the competition says. Therefore, when the company itself is expressing everything that can be done with its algorithms, it is a sign that they are going all in. WWDC.

iOS 18: new AI features on the way

Mark Gurman recently reported that Apple has developed its own language model (LLM) and it has been dubbed 'Apple GPT'. This project uses an Ajax development framework that Apple began building in 2022 with the goal of depositing all machine learning into a development foundation.

Some of the rumors about what will integrate in the AI from Apple are the following:

  • A new, much smarter and more functional version of Siri that is based on the technology of complex language models, such as ChatGPT and Google's Gemini.
  • Playlists generated by AI based on the user's tastes.
  • AI integration into Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for summarization, content creation, and more. Really, the most interesting thing should be the ability to correct and help improve texts.
  • Functions in Xcode to compile codes with which to test applications.
  • An update to Spotlight with generative AI to find the application we are looking for.
  • AI-powered improvements to Apple Health and Apple Watch to improve our physical and mental health.

Lastly, the group of engineers who is actively working on these complex algorithms indicated the following:

“The generative AI features that are being discussed would theoretically be built into Siri and other apps. Meanwhile, new AI capabilities based on Apple's homegrown models would still be woven into the operating system. They will focus on proactively providing information to users and carrying out tasks on their behalf in the background. people familiar with the matter said..

A partnership with Google

iOS 16 lock screens

Although the WWDC event will be revolutionary, we cannot deny or hide that Apple “has caught the bull” in the development of AI. Therefore, it seems that the Cupertino company, which is characterized by following its own path, is in negotiations with Google about the possibility of obtaining licenses for GeminiGoogle's AI, in order to integrate it into its OS.

Apple seeks to obtain from Google an extremely reliable platform to be able to host its models in the cloud, even though it is powered by Google's native technology. Now, don't let them come to “sell us the bike” of hardware and software, because that's not going to be the case.

Will everything come to iOS 18?

Apple is a company that is characterized by constant evolution and only makes big “leaps” instead of “little leaps” when the situation requires it. In this sense, although they are behind schedule, they are not “off the hook” from the competition, which makes us doubt that all these AI innovations will be presented with iOS. We have the feeling that Apple will make a small presentation and it will be developed throughout the small updates to iOS 18 and its consolidation with iOS 19 and iOS 20.