The American company has always been a staunch defender of quality in its materials and is always researching in order to improve the materials it uses in each of its devices. This must be accompanied by the fact that he has always set himself the challenge of being respectful of the environment. Therefore, the materials used are not only of the best quality, but they are also ecological, to put it in some way. The batteries were the only part that suffered a little from both characteristics, but it seems that that will change in 2025.

With the commitment always in mind to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030, which means that all its suppliers must be, because Apple already is, decisions are being made that mark the path towards achieving of that lavish goal. It not only invests money or helps third-party companies, but also aims to change the landscape of battery manufacturing.

It seems that in 2025, a couple of years, the batteries they will use 100% recycled cobalt. In addition to this, the magnets in Apple devices will use fully recycled rare-earth elements by 2025, and all Apple-designed printed circuit boards will use 100 percent recycled tin solder and gold plating. This means that every device purchased after that date will contain a high percentage of recycled materials, making the iPhone, for example, a much more sustainable device. Apple will be synonymous with quality and environmentalism.

It is a very ambitious plan because the figures show that last year and the previous year the percentage of cobalt recycled was rather low, so you have to work hard to achieve it. The two-year figure seen seems reasonable.