It is not the first time that we know or are aware of this rumor. When the AirPods Pro came out, one of the biggest buzz was the fact that it might come with some sort of health sensor. However, this was not the case and today it seems that it continues to be a utopia. However, now a new indication is coming to the fore that makes us think that in a couple of years the new AirPods models could incorporate sensors that provide us with information. about our hearing health.

The data that they offer us in these new rumors are not many. In fact, they are quite tiny, but only because of the source that emits them, it is necessary to make it known. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says it’s more than likely that Apple will update the AirPods to become a health tool in the next year or two with the ability to obtain hearing data in some way. It is not known how, but it is intuited that it will.

Admittedly, the American company has already added several hearing-focused features to the AirPods. For example we have the functionality Live Listen and Conversation BoostAlthough it is true that they are not yet approved by the FDA. But what Apple wants is that AirPods could serve as a replacement for hearing aids in the not too distant future. In fact, Gurman ventures to say that it will be in a couple of years. So it is likely that in 2025 or early 2026 new AirPods can be launched on the market to help people with hearing problems.

we will be pending in case any other analyst joins this rumor. Which is not surprising because it is something very plausible.