In less than two minutes you can deactivate the annoying “rate my app” function

Surely you also have your iPhone full of applications necessary for everyday life. There is a trend that has begun to bother many users, it is the rating and review requests that appear at the least opportune moment when we are using the application.

Fortunately, on devices running iOS 17 or later, turning off these annoying requests is easier than ever, and here's how to do it in less than two minutes.

Why are in-app rating requests annoying?

App developers are constantly looking to improve their products, and getting ratings and reviews is one way to get user feedback. However, the way some applications handle these requests can be intrusive and annoying at times.

If you've just downloaded an app that looks promising, but before you can fully try it out a pop-up window asks you to leave a rating, this completely ruins the experience. This situation is frustrating for several reasons. First of all, you haven't had enough time to evaluate the app fairly and provide an honest review. Second, these interruptions can negatively impact your user experience by interrupting what you were doing in the app at the time.

How to turn off rating requests in the app?

Luckily, Apple has introduced a very easy way to disable these intrusive rating notifications in the app, as long as your device is updated to iOS 17 at least. Follow these steps and you will be free of these discomforts in less than two minutes:

  • Open the application Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down until you find the option «App Store«.
  • Within the App Store section, you will see an option labeled “In-App Ratings and Reviews.” Make sure this option is disabled.

And that's it! In less than two minutes, you will have disabled those annoying notifications and can enjoy your applications without unwanted interruptions.

app rating notifications

Why should you consider disabling these requests?

Turning off in-app rating prompts can improve your user experience on iOS devices. As we mentioned above, rating and review pop-ups can be intrusive and negatively impact your workflow or in-app entertainment. Disabling them will allow you to use your applications more smoothly.

Ratings and reviews play a vital role in the world of mobile apps. They are a way for users to share their experiences and opinions about a particular application. So if you really want to give feedback about your experience in an application, don't hesitate to do so whenever you feel like it.