In the absence of the iPhone 15, there is already this rumor about the iPhone 16

The networks are still flooded with rumors and details of what we could see in the next generation of iPhone. However, in the absence of seeing this model “in real life”, they have already begun to appear first speculations about the future iPhone 16. So if you want to know in detail what it is about, here we are going to tell you the details.

The rumors are about the design of the cameras

The iPhone’s camera is one of its greatest strengths. Their technical capabilities position them as one of the best that we can find right now on the market. However, beyond the part “that is not seen”, What we can see, from the outside, is the design that it has. With the arrival of the iPhone 11, the camera module began to have its own form. And this has been increasing its size progressively, until we have what we have today in the current generation of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro (and for the lack of seeing what we will end up seeing in the next generation).

In addition to this increase in size, the distribution of the different lenses that the phone incorporates have also been changing. But in this case, when it comes to distribution. In the iPhone 12 and 11, the arrangement of the lenses in the “standard” models was vertical. While in the Pro models, they form a triangle of optics. In the case of the standard models of the iPhone 13, the two lenses became diagonal. A fact that we have been able to see repeated in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

Now, as we have said before, it remains to be seen what will happen with the next iPhone 15. However, that has not prevented the rumor that the lenses of the “non-Pro” models began to circulate. return to a portrait orientationreturning to recover the design trend of the iPhone 11 and 12.

A Twitter user (@URedditor, also known as Unknownz21), as explained in the English-speaking medium Appleinsider, has leaked that detail. “Apple has switched to the diagonal layout to make room for better sensors and stabilization motors, but the extra space may not be needed in the future. It’s still unclear why Apple would want to make this change, but Unknownz21 suggests this could make the new model instantly recognizable“, they explain from the middle.

rumor camera iphone 16

The next generation to iPhone 15 It is not expected to see the light until at least the year 2024. This coming month of September, however, everything indicates that the new iPhone 15 will be presented in an event like the ones we are used to. Only from that moment on will we have, for sure, a real (and official) design of the new iPhone 15. At the moment, little (or nothing beyond that) we know about the future iPhone 16. So, Over the next few months, this information will become apparent, whether this rumor is confirmed or denied.