Apple has been very aware of India. It has several suppliers from that country and also wants to establish part of its base of operations there and have some components of some devices manufactured there. In addition, India is an emerging market and that is why on April 18 the first retail store in the country will open its doors. It is a very significant fact and although in other countries we are used to being able to count these stores by dozens in some countries, even if it is in India, it is a very important gesture.

Apple has always looked at other emerging markets with the desire to get involved in them. To diversify the area not only of action but also of manufacturing. India is a country that has the support of the American company. Although it has had its setbacks that have caused plans to be delayed and almost cancelled, we can finally break the news that the first retail store will open in the country. But that’s not all, because two days later the second one will open. Therefore, between April 18 and 20, There will already be two stores available to customers.

As you will remember, the pandemic caused by COVID has caused many plans to be delayed and in India it was not for less. It was one of the countries that was hardest hit by the consequences of the pandemic. But now that we are almost back to normal, we can talk about good news. Located at Jio World Drive in Mumbai, Apple BKC will be the first to open to customers in India. It stretches across almost 7000 square meters, with the design inspired by the iconic Kaali Peeli taxi art of the city. Apple’s second retail store in India will open in Delhi, the country’s capital, on April 20.

It is likely that the CEO of Apple will attend these inaugurations, for being a special event not for India and for Apple.